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Brooklyn Brats Bring Mall Shopping to a Halt with Flash Mob

Teens in Brooklyn brought the Kings Plaza Shopping Center to its knees with a flash mob.

The thrill of a flash mob was all the rage throughout 2012 and 2013. It was cool to see a huge group of people bust out dancing in sync. But then a bunch of brats in Brooklyn had to go and ruin the fun. They stormed a mall causing serious havoc. The idea of a flash mob is to have fun. These rotten kids were intent on destruction and breaking the law. Security guards were forced to ban underage kids from the mall in the aftermath.

The day after Christmas the malls are typically packed with people returning gifts and cashing in those gift cards they got for Christmas. Teens are notorious for getting gifted with gift cards because they are so damn picky you never know what to buy. Well, a horde of teens decided the day after Christmas was the perfect day to hit the mall, literally. The delinquents organized a flash mob through social media. The plan was to head to the Brooklyn mall and create chaos.

Authorities estimate 300 teenagers converged on the Kings Plaza Shopping Center with the goal of putting the mall “on tilt.” They nearly succeeded. Videos of the melee show just how out of control the mob was. Nobody was hurt too terribly bad, but security guards did get rough with some of the rowdy teens. For whatever reason, there were a number of catfights happening and a handful of girls were hurt in the fights. Security can be seen ripping fighting females apart and some landed on their backsides.

Workers in the mall and those who had kiosks reveal the mob scene was pretty intense there for a few minutes. The teens were screaming, running and pilfering items as they made their way through the mall. One vendor says a teen was threatening him with scissors in an attempt to get his hands on the guy’s cash. The teens ran screaming through the mall, banging on glass windows and doing whatever else they could to scare the people that were trying to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Witnesses also say teens were playing the violent “knockout game.”A clerk says the scare tactics worked. People were in shock and fear not knowing what was happening.

Merchants quickly rushed to close their gates to protect themselves. The mall was shut down completely for about an hour as police and security ushered the unruly brats out of the mall. One young lady was taken into custody, but released and told to go home. That will teach her. There were no other arrests made and police say nobody actually reported anything stolen.

Despite the fact the teens were herded out of the mall, mall security wasn’t taking any chances and banned unaccompanied minors from entering the mall. Period. Stores like Sears had their own security keeping underage kids from entering. The ban is kind of harsh for the kids who were not a part of the melee, but that is all it takes.  A few people can ruin it for all. As of today, the mall lifted the ban and is once again allowing minors to roam. Shop at your own risk.

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