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Burning Man-Transforming Your Life Forever

Burning Man has been termed as; The right of passage into a better life, an experience that will change you forever and a place so different, it would be like explaining what colors are to a blind person.
The Black Rock Desert is turned into one of the most unique experiences anyone could have the opportunity to be apart of, with 400 square feet, a utopia erects. The most recent Burning Man in 2013 had the R&B artist P-Diddy as quoting in the magazine, The Rolling Stone, “I’ll never be the same” and “Words cannot explain!”.

Driving down the 2-lane highway in the middle of the Nevada desert, you will come to a point where you will veer off the road onto a new planet, well not literally a new planet, but as you journey down this dirt road it will mark the start to this new adventure into another world. Coming closer to your destination, the over 100 degree weather starts to take effect, and before you know it, you think someone slipped something into your drink, but you are only coming to realize you have arrived to, ‘Burning Man’.

From the last Monday in August when burning Man starts, to the first Monday in September when Burning Man ends, the experience is one that feels of a large beautiful community. The few ingredients that are not included, however, and that may be apart of the real world are; chaos, governments, stealing, hate and other synonyms and ideas for negative ideas and actions. Burning Man is a place where weird isn't a word, and where letting yourself go to enjoy music, art and the amazing vibes and festive activities with others is just the normal thing to do.

The history of Burning Man is one that was founded in the Eighties, in 1986 at Baker Beach in San Francisco. Larry Harvey and Jerry James were the two members that started it, and the 4 years leading up to 1990, Burning Man stayed in that location until law enforcement stopped culminating conflagration of the famous, lighting on fire of a huge wooden statue. This event always takes place on the final night, hence the name Burning Man.

When planning to attend the Burning Man event, there are some things you should be aware of, though as it may seem like a place to be free with no rules, and it is, there are somethings to understand so the event can continue to be allowed in the future. The event does sell out, so getting tickets early is the best way to try and attend, and in 2013, tickets were $380. The event is also a themed one, so getting involved in some forms of communities online prior to Burning Man might help you get some ideas on your first attendance.

Burning man also holds a “Leaving No Trace” policy, so what you bring is what you must also take back, so no trash! This event has a very hippie feel to it, but its not just a bunch of hippies, it’s cultured artists and expressionists that are having a chance to not be restricted by modern everyday ideologies. Money is only used for a very limited vendors that help support the event, so learning to bargain, haggle and barter your way around will be important, and creativity is highly encouraged.

This event will no doubt change anyone’s life who has the opportunity to attend it, and I highly encourage everyone to at least once in their life. If you would like to learn more about the event or to get tickets, when and if they are available, then please visit their website at,

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