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By 2045 Nasa Claims We Will Find Life In Space

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By 2045 Nasa Claims We Will Find Life In Space

LIFE-- Since the beginning of our species, humans have looked towards the stars for answers of questions such as how?, what/ and when? to solve the mysteries of the universe. One of the most asked questions has been “are we alone?” when referring to life in not just our galaxy, but across the vast blackness of space and time. Nasa may finally have an answer, well at least a guesstimate as to when they may have that answer.

Alien life has been a probability by most scientists for the past few generations, though it got a huge boost when “SETI” was introduced in 1960, well the first attempted test at least. Nasa has laid claim that we will find life in space inbetween the year 2025 and 2045, a 20 year gap that will see many advancements in technology.

The best part of this news is the fact it is expected to be from within our own solar system, Moons surrounding both Jupiter and Saturn are the most likely candidates. Just recently a new saltwater ocean was found on the moon known as Ganymede which is rotating around Jupiter. Europa gained most of the attention in our solar system when it comes to finding new life in the early 2000’s, though it was due to the massive focus that was given to it from the science community.

Leaving our solar system for travel is nearly impossible, certainly so in the way we understand physics now. The distance something can rotate around the sun from its gravity is theoretically 1.84 light years away. This can be then broken down to being about 6 Trillion, yes that is TRILLION miles long going at a rate of 186,000 miles per second. This makes leaving just our own solar system very unlikely.

Life will be sought out in two main steps, first to see if there is water on the planet/moon, then it will be seen if life exists at the molecular level. Don't get your hopes up for meeting E.T like in the movie, the life we are expecting to find will need a microscope to see at the very least.

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