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California's Drought Problem Is Not Going Away

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WATER-- The drought that is ravishing the state of California will continue to get worse in the future as scientists are predicting a scenario in which it will reach a level harsher than anything seen in the last 1,000 years. Though instead of doing something about it when we first see the incoming effects, especially when using Texas a first hand example, we wait until the last minute to address the issue.

These new predictions for California have named these as “megadroughts” due to global climate change that will occur. Even though the weather may foretell rain one day, the climate is the bigger picture that causes long term conditions like a drought. Finding an energy efficient solution to turn salt water into clean water has always

been a topic, but the energy it takes isn’t cost effective just yet as one potential solution for the lack of water

Currently the droughts have  a 50% chance of lasting 10 years, however there is a 20% chance that it may last as long as 35 years. The predictions are hard for scientists to be exact, but they are certain we are not helping the situation with the current climate direction. The human effect on the climate is the X factor that really makes finding out the predicted results a problem, that is why it is such a hot topic with certain scientists vs political parties with other interests.

These predicted results should not be confused with the current drought California through. Benjamin I. Cook stated,  “I do, however, want to be clear that our results do not say anything about the current and ongoing drought in California,” and represents the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies.

The evidence has been gathered over many years by a collective effort of scientists in studying thousands and thousands of tree ring samples. With these studies, scientists can detect drought patterns and use them to compare it with today’s evidence of the current conditions. Many previous civilizations were wiped out due to what most archaeologists have been arguing as massive droughts.

Todays technology may prevent this from happening these days, but that doesn't mean it is going to be easy or we shouldn't get on top of this before the local ecosystems become permanently damaged.

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