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Candy Crush Most Downloaded Game of 2013--Love It or Hate It?

Candy Crush was the most downloaded game of 2013
Candy Crush Most Downloaded Game of 2013--Love It or Hate It?
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Free games on Facebook are a dangerous adventure. You may soon find yourself addicted to a game that ends up sucking up all of your free time. One of those games is Candy Crush. It was the most downloaded game in 2013. Who wouldn’t want to download it? It is free to play and can provide hours and hours of fun and a heck of a lot of frustration.

King Games, who owns Candy Crush, reports more than 500 million people downloaded the game to their phone, iPad, tablet or computer. If you are on Facebook, it is hard to miss. You are likely to have at least one friend who is playing, but they may be the only ones who admit to it. There are probably a lot more who are addicted, but hide their achievements in the game by blocking anything from posting to their wall. I know this can be done, because I hide my own game playing. It is a little embarrassing to admit you have been sucked into the hell that is Candy Crush. But I know I am not the only one. Apple reports the game has actually been played over one hundred and fifty billion times. That is little comfort for those who are trapped in a Candy Crush addiction.

It may seem like those game developers are making a major mistake by creating such an addictive game and then simply giving it away for free. But there is a method to their madness. The game is totally rigged. Yep, I said it. You get so far just to be one or two moves away from completing a level. Sometimes, you may spend days or even weeks replaying the same level over and over. It is extremely frustrating and once you get so close to finally passing it, one stupid move is not going to get in your way. That is when that little message at the end pops up. Do you want just 5 more moves to pass the level? Come on. It is only .90 cents. Isn’t that worth the frustration, time and energy you have put into getting past an extremely difficult level?

King is telling its loyal fans that they will continue to update the game every few weeks in order to keep it interesting. When something is as popular as Candy Crush, the fall to the bottom is inevitable, but these guys are convinced they can keep us addicted by changing it up like adding the Dream World. Just when you think you have beaten the game, there will be new levels added. They will keep you coming back for more.

And all those gold bars you are buying to get past a level are adding up. In fact, King has just launched a new advertisement for the game that is appearing on cable television. This is a bold move. Most games rely on people sharing and talking about it and rarely invest money into advertising. This move is timed to coincide with the holidays. How many people got new phones, tablets and iPads? Why not download a free game?

So, how much money does King make off of Candy Crush? Well, they are not saying because that might encourage us poor saps to stop making them rich off a game that is clearly rigged. One company estimates Candy Crush users spend close to a million dollars a day buying those gold bars which equate to cash in the game.

If you have never played the game, take my advice—Don’t Start!

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