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Will Not Ask for Personal or Payment Information, A Horrible Experience is one company you shouldn't shop at., A Horrible Experience
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Where to start, I guess the beginning would be the obvious best place for the horrible experience I have had with….

What seems to be much longer ago than what it really has been, a little over two weeks ago I was shopping online for some new rotors and brake pads for a project car I’m working on. Having scoured the internet for a few hours over a few days I decided to try my hand at ordering the parts from CARiD. The website was clean, it as based in the USA and it seemed to have a decent amount of web traffic since it was atop or close to the top on various web search keywords when shopping for said parts.

Browsing the site was nice, even completing the order was simple enough as they allowed Paypal payments at the checkout, but this is where the good experienced stopped. Most companies that have a shaddy underside will let you shop and make a payment with ease, which is expected since your money is all they really want, not customer satisfaction.

Upon making my order and receiving my confirmation email I noticed a few key things that made me want to cancel my order just as fast as I made it. The estimated shipping date, not when I was estimated in receiving it was not for another 5-7 days. I thought to myself, 2-3 days would be expected, but a week made me wonder what on earth would take so long to post something in the mail, especially when this was their entire purpose, shipping parts.

So I ended up making a call the next day to the customer service center looking to cancel my order since it would be shipping in a weeks time from New Jersey and I live in California. It would take about 2 weeks to get those parts and I couldn't wait around that long since I would be away at work and no one would be around to receive the package for days. I couldn't risk having it left on my doorstep for that long.

As the phone rang and an automated service picked up telling me someone would be with me shorty. Then 10 minutes turned to 20 which turned to 30 and finally someone with broken english answered my call. After talking for a few minutes and me explaining my situation and how I was looking to cancel my order, the man on the other side said he put the cancellation through and I would get a confirmation saying the cancellation was complete.

2 days past and nothing was emailed to me, in which I made another call and waited for another 20 minutes for someone to answer my call. This time it was a woman, again in broken english who answered my call which lead me to believe that CarID is outsourcing their call center and that is why the cancellation takes days to go through. The woman said she would put another request through, although since this was a Saturday I knew this wasn't going to happen for another few days.

Fast forward to Monday, I made another call because I just had a sneaky suspicion they were not doing as they said in canceling my order. Sure enough they told me the package had not been shipped and they would contact the carrier(FedEx) to have the package stopped at a checkpoint and redirected back to them. Once they saw the package coming back their way they would issue the refund and I could be done with them.

Of course that didn't happen either and the package was delivered 2 days later as shown by the tracking code. By this time I was really annoyed at the lack of effort on their part and the ridiculous time delay the customer service had with their shipping department, we are talking days not hours or even just a day. Contacting them yet again I asked why they haven't canceled my item and why they haven't issued a return slip, since I knew deep down inside they were just hoping I would take the package and forget about trying to return it.

Again they had to process a simple return postage for me, which was going to take up to 72 hours. Now I decided to contact my bank and get this taken care of once and for all, well guess who suddenly was quick to reach out to me? CARiD.

I am still waiting for any news that a return label will be sent to me, I have emailed them looking for any kind of response, but alas that looks grim. If by Monday I get no word then I will be taking this to a new level, as the package is still sitting on my doorstep and I will not accept it no matter what. I canceled it less than 20 hours after I made the order, but as you can see it is my money that matters to them, not being a legitimate business.

Shop anywhere buy and I guarantee you will have a better experience then with this company. They overcharge on shipping, take a week to ship it and will do everything in their power to refuse a refund or cancellation even though their website is clear in stating that they will.

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