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Charlie Sheen Makes it Up Close & Personal

His efforts to keep his family together even after divorce is working. And, they all live in the same community.

Charlie Sheen Makes it Up Close & Personal

Charlie Sheen is a very difficult man to understand. There are brief moments of clarity when it is easy to understand what he is saying and doing and then there are those moments he is telling you to drink tiger blood. He has been in Hollywood for a long time and it has obviously taken a toll on his sensibilities. His ex-wife, well his third ex that is, Brooke Mueller, is out of rehab, again. And now he is adding another ex-wife and the mother to his youngest boys to his gated community. He likes to keep them all close. Denise Richards, ex-wife number two and mother to two of Charlie’s kids, lives in the same gated community. Won’t they all be just one happy group of neighbors?


The man is clearly trying to make visitation easier on himself. It can be a real drag navigating traffic for those every other weekend visits. He is saving some time and effort by grouping his exes and their perspective children all in one place. Ironically enough, ex number two has custody of ex number three’s children. Talk about an amicable divorce. Their situation is certainly one in a million.


Denise has got to be one of the most forgiving, accepting and caring women on the planet. She has a total of five children under her roof. Her 2 daughters with Charlie and another little girl that she adopted and of course, Charlie and Brooke’s 4-year-old twin boys. Denise got the boys when Brooke went to rehab, again, and was deemed unfit to take care of them.


Denise already lives pretty close to Charlie in the elite Mulholland Estates neighborhood and Brooke thinks it is only right she gets to live there in a big fat house too. And of course, she wants Charlie to buy her a house. She doesn’t really have a job right now. She has been a little busy trying to get sober. A source who has no qualms about spilling the beans, says “She couldn’t afford to buy a house there on her own and wouldn’t have been able to move back into the neighborhood if Charlie hadn’t stepped up.” So, was he just being a really nice guy or did he have an ulterior motive?


A so-called insider reveals, “Brooke insisted that Charlie buy her a house in Mulholland Estates too.” At least if she is close and she does get the kids back, he will be nearby to check up on them from time to time. Or rather, Denise will be close by to check up on the kids. Apparently, Brooke is pulling out the old trick we all learned when we were knee high to a grasshopper. “She said it wasn’t fair that Denise got a house and she didn’t,” reports this same insider. Images of Brooke pouting and stomping her feet cannot be helped.


It sounds like Brooke is desperate to be one of the “in” people again. She used to live in that big ol’ house of Charlie’s before the two split, but now she has been spending more time in rehab centers than any really posh digs. She longs for neighbors like Paris Hilton and Slash. Hmm, maybe not the best choice right now considering her fragile state? She is working with a sober coach right now to try and stay on the straight and narrow, but her addiction is powerful. She has relapsed countless times. Living somewhere other celebrities that like to party live is probably not the best idea right now. Obviously, Charlie is a pretty generous guy. There are very few ex-husband’s who would be willing to buy multi-million dollar homes for an ex-wife who has caused quite a bit of grief.


As of now, Brooke is crashing at former Spice Girl Mel B’s mansion in Tarzana while she continues her recovery. During the day, she visits what will be her future home with her sober companion, but her young twins are still not allowed to visit. Reports indicate there is a very strong chance Brooke will regain custody, but if rumors are to be believed, Charlie would prefer they stay with his more solid ex-wife who isn’t prone to trips to rehab.

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