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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn's Romantic Getaway Ends With Sleepover in LA

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have sparked rumors of a romance after vacationing together in Hawaii.
Charlize Theron and Sean Penn
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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have got the rumor mill going in full swing after their little tropical vacation. While the two have maintained they are just really good friends, do friends run away to a tropical paradise together and then come home and spend the night together? Hmm, sounds like the hope of Madonna and Sean Penn getting back together has been thoroughly squashed.

Over the New Year’s holiday, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn spent some time on a beach in Hawaii looking like they were certainly enjoying each other’s company. There are no scandalous pictures of them kissing, or even touching for that matter, but the relationship rumors are still floating around. In fact, they looked like a couple who were comfortable with each other and not apt to fawn all over each other. Not to mention, they knew there were people snapping their picture at every turn.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are both very private individuals and have never been the type to showcase their personal relationships. Charlize was reportedly staying with Sean at his beachfront house on the island. She must have decided to return the favor because he was spotted leaving her house the morning after they returned to California. They managed to trick waiting paparazzi about their destination. They both left LAX separately, but were spotted leaving her house the following morning albeit in separate vehicles again.

The two are a bit of an odd couple. Charlize Theron is 38 and gorgeous. Sean Penn is 53 and well, he has certainly seen better days. The actress is just getting started with her family. She adopted a little boy a couple of years ago and is reportedly looking to adopt another child so her son will have a sibling relatively close in age. Sean’s kids are on their way into adulthood. It certainly seems like a bit of an odd pairing, but love isn’t picky.

Despite all the time the two seem to be spending together, sources insist they are just really good friends. One source says, “Charlize and Sean have been friends for years.” In fact, when Charlize was dating long time boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, Sean often spent time with the couple. Around Halloween last year, the couple had sparked rumors of a relationship when they attended a Halloween party together and were “laughing and touchy-feely.” Again, there is no photographic evidence of their flirtation.

While enjoying their time in Hawaii, a witness describes the interaction between the two, “They seemed happy to be spending some time together, very comfortable.” Even the pictures that were snapped of the two enjoying the surf and sand reveal they kept a friendly distance at all times. Of course, reps for the two are not saying a word either. If Charlize and Sean are just friends today, it wouldn’t be a big leap for that friendship to grow into something more serious. That is how a lot of romantic relationships get started. Sorry Madge, looks like Sean Penn is still not ready to settle down.

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