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China's "Dome" Of Suppression Bans Smog Documentary

*cough* *cough*

Image By Bobak (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

SMOG-- The latest act by China’s government on its people was the banning of a documentary that exposes the problems the haze/smog that literally blocks the sky from those under it. The talk of being eco friendly isn't new to most 1st world countries, especially those that allow scientists and citizens alike to have a platform in which claims can be voiced.

The documentary is named “Under The Dome” and was banned by Chinese government after a sudden surge of views nearing 200 million took place in less than 24 hours. The government based in China has been known in the past to suppress the citizens for financial gains and to remain powerful in their region. As it has been quoted by John Dalberg-Action, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” couldnt ring truer to the unfortunate circumstances the Chinese citizens are facing in their government.

Thankfully the internet is as large and as open as it is, even though websites have been blocked and the video is being suppressed, there are ways to see it. YouTube has been banned in China for sometime now, but those that are under this “dome” have figured out ways to view outside information. If North Korea citizens can get information from the outside world, so can Chinas citizens.

Under the Dome was produced by a former Chinese State Media Journalist Chai Jing, Youku(obvious YouTube rip off) was one of the first sites to have it banned. Others such iQiyi have also been put on the list to have the video banned. The documentary is 103 minutes and for those of us that do not understand Chinese, it has been translated with subtitles on such sites like YouTube.

Chai Jing started this political battle in making this video after she had learned of her child being born with a benign tumour, which is caused by high pollution.

Public debate has been hot on many blogging sites in China which have not been banned just yet. All this comes during China's biggest political event, The National Peoples Congress. The name alone of this political event is another slap in the face for Chinese citizens, how can it be the peoples congress when it is a few individuals who are banning such documentaries as Under The Dome which look to inform and help serve the people.

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