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Chord Overstreet – Sexier Than You Might Realize

Chord Overstreet - we love you! 

Chord Overstreet – Sexier Than You Might Realize

There’s no denying that Glee star, Chord Overstreet is a good looking guy with an incredible singing voice but you might not realize just how sexy he truly is. Don’t worry because we’re here to tell you so you’re not left behind.

When Overstreet first appeared on the musical comedy series as the sometimes bumbling and not always aware, Sam Evans, female fans immediately took to him. Maybe it was his gorgeous blue eyes or his perfect blond hair whatever it was it seems the love fans have for him has only grown since his initiation into the Glee club.

Of course, his sexiness only jumped ahead of itself when he appeared as a stripper in one of the earlier Glee episodes. It doesn’t hurt that his character is one of the nicest and most innocent guys the show has created. Guys like Sam Evans don’t always exist in real life so its nice to get into the fantasy of it all. However, it wouldn’t be possible to be in love with such a wonderful character had it not been for Chord Overstreet.

Overstreet adds something extra to the character and the reality is his actual personality is even better than that of Sam Evans. Actors are busy and constantly moving around the world working, promoting and overall traveling so it is difficult to keep in touch with the fans however, Overstreet does his best to keep up with his fans.

Social media has made things much easier for celebrities to keep in touch with their fans and Overstreet has certainly been making use of it. He is one of the other rare actors who puts their fans first and gives back as much as he can, which of course makes him ten times hotter than he already was.

Chord Overstreet is by far one of the best things to ever happen to Glee since, Don’t Stop Believing.” Thank you Chord for all you do for your fans and for giving us some gorgeous eye candy every week.

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