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Chris Brown Heads to Rehab in Bid to Avoid Prison for Assault

Chris Brown has checked himself into rehab to get help for his anger management problems.
Chris Brown Heads to Rehab in Bid to Avoid Prison for Assault
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Chris Brown just got out of jail on Monday after getting arrested for felony assault early Sunday morning and now he is right back in lockdown of another sort. He was fortunate enough to have the charges reduced to a misdemeanor, but he is still in trouble. The rapper is on probation for the violation that rocked Rihanna’s world several years ago. That probation thing has not been going well for him and he seems to be spending a lot of time in court on various legal issues and each one puts him in jeopardy of landing in prison for an extended time for violation of that probation. So far, he has been skating by, but his luck is bound to run out and even he realizes it is very serious.

After knocking the crap out of some guy who happened to get in the way of his fist, Chris Brown has decided he better get his butt to rehab. Since the incident over the weekend, the Los Angeles district attorney is ready to show Breezy who is really the boss. Somebody has got to teach these repeat offenders it isn’t cool to knock people around and then walk away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist because they are famous.

As soon as Chris Brown got out of jail, he got on a plane and headed back to LA to face the music. His attorney, Mark Geragos, hauled Brown to the Malibu facility on Tuesday night. Brown’s sometimes girlfriend Karrueche Tran and his mother went along for the ride as well. The move to enter the rehabilitation facility came after Brown met with the Los Angeles County Probation Department officials. Apparently, he realizes that 4-year prison sentence is looking pretty good to the attorneys right now. They are tired of his repeat offenses.

In a preemptive strike, Chris Brown is getting help for his anger management problem. This is basically a way to show the law he is serious about getting help this time. It will also show the officials he is willing to admit he has a problem and doesn’t need to be forced to admit it. A statement was issued by his rep explaining that Chris Brown was entering the facility under his own steam. It isn’t to get help for a substance abuse problem. “His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point,” reads the statement.

Chris Brown couldn’t help but address the situation personally by taking to his Twitter account. He tweeted, “In order to go where u have never gone u have to be willing to go where u never been!!!! #OHB! CBE!” Apparently, spending over 24 hours locked up in jail gave the young man some time to think. A source claims he realized how much of a mess he is making of his life and has come to the conclusion he needs to make some serious changes. The source explains, “He said his eyes were closed the whole time he was in there. He was just in his head, thinking about how much he wants a normal life. No cameras. No interviews. Just normal peace.”

That is probably the best thing he can do. The time Chris Brown spends in rehab will hopefully get to the heart of his anger problems if he is truly committed to it. If he flakes out or decides to bail out before he makes any progress, he will likely end up behind bars for a lot longer than a day. It is time for him to grow up and quit beating the crap out of people.

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