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Chris Brown Lost his Temper, Again--Heading Back to Rehab

Chris Brown ordered to rehab for anger management.
Chris Brown Lost his Temper, Again--Heading Back to Rehab
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Chris Brown has been ordered to 90 days in rehab for anger management after losing his temper while in---wait for it—rehab for anger management. The guy just doesn’t seem to get it. You cannot hit other people, break their things or just go postal because you feel like it. In polite society that is deemed bad and unacceptable. Maybe he should have been taught this when he was a toddler.

A judge is tired of Chris Brown and his behavior and has sent the rapper packing. Remember earlier this month when Chris was out partying and celebrating his early release from rehab? Well it wasn’t exactly his choice. He didn’t spend 16 days of a 90-day treatment in the facility and then leave because he had to do community service. That is the line of bull his attorney and rep came up with. It was actually kind of believable, but most assumed it was simply because Breezy just needed to get back into the clubs and the party scene.

As it turns out, while at a joint counseling session with his momma, he lost his temper after she told him he needed to stay in rehab. He didn’t take it well and according to paperwork, “Mr. Brown proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and threw it through his mother's car window and it shattered.” His little temper tantrum got him booted out of the unnamed facility. What kind of brat does that? The man has been allowed to act this way for so long with nobody telling him it was wrong, it is going to be very difficult for him to change now.

Chris Brown headed back to court to answer for his most recent violent outburst. This time, a judge ordered him to 90 days in rehab. This means it isn’t voluntary like the first stint. While in rehab, he will have to perform 24 hours of community service every week and undergo random drug testing. While Chris is in rehab cooling his jets, probation officials will be digging into that little arrest in Washington D.C. that sent Brown running to rehab in the first place. He was hoping to appease the judge in the probation case by proving he was trying to get help in a bid to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. He may have just blown his chance of remaining a free man.

On Monday, Chris Brown is due in a Washington court to answer to that assault charge. Once that is taken care of, the prosecutor in the California probation case will determine whether or not the assault charge will violate his probation. The dude is in some deep doo-doo and doesn’t seem to get it. Money and fame got him to where he is today, but he has used up every one of his free passes. His butt needs to get sent to jail so he can see how “hard” he really is. Beating up an innocent guy or a female is a little different than trying to take on convicted felons.

Chris Brown’s fate will be decided over the next few days. Hopefully, he can keep his cool and realize if you do the crime, you have to do the time no matter who you are.

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