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Chromebooks, Should You Buy New Or Refurbished?

Buy New Or Buy Refurbished?

Chromebooks, Should You Buy New Or Refurbished?

GOOGLE-- What was first considered a fade by most major major PC manufacturer is now fully accepted as the way into the future for basic computing. Google Chromebooks come in many different shapes and sizes from the first 2 years when just trying to figure out what a consumer wants was the main ideology to each build. Should you buy a new or refurbished Chromebook though? A brand new device isn;t too much when comparing it to a Macbook air or even a Windows Surface, but if you are buying a dozen or so, or even for a “careless” child, then saving every penny you can is easily justifiable.

Buying New…

Whether it is that fresh car smell or the new feeling of new socks on your feet, new is new and it always feels better to know you are the first. When it comes to buying a new Google Chromebook you will get a few benefits over going the refurbished route, one of those is the warranty. Things break and lemons(new things that are duds) are just part of life, nothing is perfect but that is why a warranty is in place.

Besides getting the full warranty and the box, there is not much more to the benefits of buying a new Chromebook. I have had the pleasure of buy 2 brand new Chromebooks and would like to mention, in comparison to a refurbished Chromebook, new just felt better like a mini Christmas.

Buying Refurbished....

I actually prefer going this route over buying a brand new Chromebook, as a matter of fact I would rather go the refurbished route on more often than not on most things. Refurbished is like a premium used device, where the Chromebook was previously owned but it had gone through a full inspection and the faulty parts are replaced if there are any.

You shouldn't look to buy a refurbished Chromebook near the date the selected model was actually released. You will get the best bang for your buck a few months after it first released at the bare minimum. I have boughten a few refurbished Chromebooks to date, and I will say they have lasted just as long and longer in some cases than my brand new, bought from the factory Chromebooks.

Either route is a great one to go as I find the Google Chromebook meets the needs of 90% of all PC users. Most of us use our smartphones or tablets to browse the web, play games or socialize. This is why a Chromebook is such a good investment, you may not need a PC all the time, but when you do need it there is no other options besides actually using one. There is no need to fork out a ton of money for something you may not use all the time or only use it for mundane tasks, this is why a Google Chromebook is a good option to choose.

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