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Coca Cola Can Be Used To Do What?

Coca-Cola is harmful to the human body

Coca Cola Can Be Used To Do What?
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Soda is quickly becoming a vile substance that causes more harm then good on the human body. First we had the problem with aspartame with diet soda and now it has come to light that Coca-Cola, everyone’s favorite soda, is a lot more damaging to the human body than we ever knew.

According to recent studies the acid inside the soda can damage the lining of a human’s stomach and cause various other internal problems. Why? The acid in coke is almost as acidic ad the battery acid inside batteries and in household cleaners.

The amount of carbonation inside coke can cause major calcium loss by irritating the stomach. Coke also makes your bones brittle and weak and has been found to cause esophageal cancer.

With this new information coming to light a list have been thrown together of all the many uses that coke can be used for and none of them include for drinking! Here are the many ways you can use Coca-Cola, just make sure none of them are to quench your thirst.


·      Remove grease stains from your clothing and various fabrics

·      Removing rust from fabric by using a sponge and coke to loosen rusty nails and bolts.

·      Get blood stains off of clothing and fabrics

·      Kill bugs including slugs and snails. They cannot withstand the acid inside the soda.

·      Cleans pans that have burn stains on them.

·      Cleans the car battery terminals with only a small amount necessary.

·      Cleans your car’s engine.

·      Dissolve a tooth, if you a bad tooth and need it removed but don’t want to go to the dentist it seems coke will do the trick.

·      Got gum stuck in your hair? No need to worry just use coke to get it out. In fact, the gum will just slide right out of your hair.

·      Forget that long process of cleaning your pool you can clean it with coke and soapy water.

·      As if the last few things weren’t gross enough, you can actually use coke to clean your toilet bowls.

·      Got chrome jewelry that needs cleaning? Save that trip to the jeweler and use coke and aluminum foil to add shine to your product.

·      Got kids who decided your carpet would be a good place to draw? Use the coke sitting in your fridge to clean the stains.


Still want that coke to drink with your dinner?


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