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Coming in September, "The Fallen Shadows: Into the Light" by Rebecca R. Cohen

Rebecca R. Cohen's new book promises to be as dark and intriguing as her imagination

Coming in September, "The Fallen Shadows: Into the Light" by Rebecca R. Cohen
The Fallen Shadows: Into the light photo by Rebecca R. Cohen

Rebecca R. Cohen will be releasing her third book, “The Fallen Shadows: Into the light” Coming out on September 19, 2014 and published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.  This is another fantasy novel which appears to be more of the dark arts and paranormal situations that Rebecca is known for.

In her first novel “Midnight to Sunrise”, the story unfolds about the life of Nevaeh, a small town Ohio girl who has always been fascinated and somewhat obsessed with the idea of the supernatural, as told to her at a young age  by her Mother as her life’s legacy. We then come to know the vampire Lukas Blazer over the course of the first book. “Midnight to Sunrise”

In the course of her fantasy world, the characters are both charming and fascinating.  They have intelligence and realism; we become part of her fantasy world and begin to see the connections throughout Nevaeh’s life and her destiny.

The author who has quite an interesting life of her own as she is a born survivor, Rebecca talks about the struggles of her life since birth, which has made her nothing short of a gifted and talented storyteller. As she explains in her biography:

My life has never been anything less than a struggle suffering from medical conditions that most doctors don’t have a lot of experience with. At the age of 14-years-old I was placed in a plastic and metal back brace that went from my shoulders to my buttocks with two medal bars that wrapped around my neck. Needless to say wearing this thing to school, high school no less, every day was horrific. On a daily basis I was tormented and desperate to find an escape; that’s where writing became my escape. I could write a story and magically transport myself into a different world, a different body and I was safe from the torment. This became my passion, the one thing I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to give this gift to others. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and have been writing practically my entire life. I used to write for the college newspaper before it was discontinued my senior years. I have written freelance for sites such as, and . In 2009 I created my own magazine called, The Conzine, a magazine that focused on who celebrities were behind the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. In September 2010 the publisher of Fan Quarterly got wind of The Conzine and purchased the content rights for a mutually agreed upon price. I have hundreds of published articles on various websites and online news organizations and have also created a fairly successful blog entitled, “Rose Are Red Violets Are Blue.” I began writing, “Midnight to Sunrise,” in August following a dream I’d had with the very same concept. I always loved vampire romance stories but always felt they lacked originality because they followed the lore too heavily. I wanted to create something that wasn’t your typical vampire vs. werewolf story. I wanted to write a book that not only I would enjoy reading but that might give people a new way to envision vampires.”

Ms. Cohen transcends the qualities of her storytelling ability and lives through the freedom of her characters as she develops these enthralling yet loveable characters that will haunt us and charm us.  I know “the Fallen Shadows” will be another incredible literary experience with many twists and turns that will guide us through a journey of intrigue and darkness.

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