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Copenhagen Zoo Kills Marius the Giraffe

Marius the giraffe was put to death despite pleas for his life to be saved.
Copenhagen Zoo Kills Marius the Giraffe

A Copenhagen zoo has pissed off the entire world after they shot and killed a young male giraffe simply because they didn’t want him to procreate. The giraffe named Marius, was dubbed for death after it was determined he carried a gene that would result in some undesirable traits if he were to breed with another more desirable giraffe.

In a statement defending the 2-year-old healthy male’s murder, Bengt Holst says, “As this giraffe’s genes are overrepresented in the breeding program, the European Breeding Programme for Giraffes has agreed that Copenhagen Zoo euthanize him.” There were numerous options presented to the EPB that would save the giraffe’s life. They zoo declined them all.

One option was to sterilize Marius so his genes would never interfere with the breeding program. The zoo officials shot that down because they said the giraffe would be taking up space that could be used to house another healthy giraffe who would be suitable for breeding. Numerous other zoos and private owners all offered to take or even pay large sums to save Marius’s life. Each offer was turned down. These people were intent on killing Marius.

In one of the most vile, disgusting acts possible, Marius was murdered in front of a large crowd of people including a large group of children. The children were given front row seats to the atrocity. They literally stood just a few feet away as Marius was shot in the head. In one of the only humane acts of the entire debacle, the giraffe was anesthetized before being shot in the head with a rifle. Zoo officials insist the poor animal died instantly.

After his death, zoo officials autopsied the body in front of the crowd. They skinned the giraffe and diced up the carcass. What they did next will turn your stomach. They actually fed the giraffe to the lions. Despite the horrific nature of the scene, Holst says the crowd that gathered to watch the tragedy was “very enthusiastic.”  Why those people thought children needed to see something so disgusting is a whole other topic for discussion. If you want to witness the disgusting act, there is plenty of video documentation all over the internet.

Marius was put to death despite numerous pleas and an online petition that had more than 20,000 signatures begging for the zoo to spare his life. A wildlife park in Yorkshire volunteered to take the giraffe and insisted they had the space for a male. Once again, Holst and his team declined to spare the giraffe’s life and stated, “It is not possible to transfer the giraffe to another zoo as it will cause inbreeding.” Why this man is so dead set on the idea this giraffe be put to death rather than given the chance to live out a long full life is beyond my comprehension.

It is sickening to think he would rather throw away a life than give the baby a chance to grow up happy somewhere else. It makes no sense. The man was clearly determined to kill the giraffe. Maybe it spit on him or something. Since the giraffe’s death, there has been a demand for animal lovers around the world to unite and boycott the Copenhagen Zoo. I will certainly never pay a penny to visit the zoo if I ever make it to Denmark.

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