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Cortana Coming Soon To An Android & iPhone Near You?

Cortana Coming Soon To An Android & iPhone Near You?

MICROSOFT-- It has been reported that Microsoft will be branching out even more of their software as Cortana, the virtual search assistant will soon be available on Android and iOS. Reuters was first to break the news in which this will all go forward once Windows 10 has rolled out to consumers.

Cortana will be a standalone app that will be available in the app store, though if Google or Apple decide to ban it, then users will have to go the 3rd party route and iOS users will need to jailbreak their devices. Eric Horvitz who is the Director of Microsoft's Research mentioned a current project called Einstein.

Einstein is a more advanced version of Cortana, and Director Horvitz was quoted as say,  "This kind of technology, which can read and understand email, will play a central role in the next rollout of Cortana, which we are working on now for the fall time frame.”

Microsoft is yet to comment on any of this but a close source to both the company and Reuters has a reputation good enough to take them at their word. However if this does come to reality then Cortana will be doing something no other virtual assistant has done from any of the software giants, go cross platform. Now if Microsoft can gain back a good reputation in it’s Windows operating system then the company might be on the right track from being on the forefront of new markets, instead of playing catch up.

Now that the news has broken, suspect there to be a lot more of it in the coming months as speculation grows as to whether or not it will be allowed in the oppositions app stores. Microsoft will try but I have a strong feeling it wont last more than a day before it gets pulled, anyways who wants to use Bing anyways.

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