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Cougar Demi Moore Snares New, Young Man

Demi Moore has got herself a new man who is just 27 years old.
Cougar Demi Moore Snares New, Young Man
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Demi Moore doesn’t look like a woman in her 50s and there is no way she is settling for a man who actually is. Her youthful appearance must be felt on the inside as well. After splitting with Bruce Willis, Demi has become the cougar of all cougars by choosing men that are nearly half her age. Her latest squeeze is no exception.

After Ashton Kutcher famously cheated on her way back when and sent her into a bit of a tailspin, Demi Moore has seemed to struggle a bit. But that was then and now that her divorce from Ashton is finalized, she seems ready to move on with another man who is close to Ashton’s age. However, the two couldn’t be more different in the looks department. Demi seems to be taking a walk on the wild side.

Sean Friday is the new boytoy in Demi’s life. He is just 27, but Demi seems smitten. The two frolicked on a beach in Mexico with Demi’s daughter, Rumer and her boyfriend in tow. Ashton is 35, but was in his early 20s when he got together with Demi. Clearly she has a thing for the younger, more virile men. Sean is a heavily tattooed dude who has none of the pretty boy looks of Ashton. He has that rocker look that Demi’s daughter seems to be drawn too and maybe it wore off on her mom.

Despite the serious age gap between Demi Moore and her new man, she seemed happier than ever. And she looked pretty darn good. You would never believe the woman is 51 and has 3 kids. She was obviously feeling pretty comfortable in her skin and flaunted her bikini body in a couple of different suits that barely covered her curves. Her man seemed to appreciate all the skin and was photographed sticking close and appeared to be sneaking peeks every chance he got. Witnesses report the two were hanging on each other as they played in the ocean and sat on the beach soaking up the rays. There are a few photographs as evidence to support the claims.

Sean Friday is a drummer in the band, Dead Sara, which plays around the Los Angeles area. Apparently, Demi’s 25-year-old daughter, Rumer, is friends with Sean. Did she play matchmaker? Most daughters would not be okay with their mom hitting on their friends, but when your mom is Demi Moore, it must be okay. Rumer and Sean play at the same place in Los Angeles and Demi actually met him back in May at The Sayers Club. Demi has been to Mexico in the past, but this time she seemed to be very happy to have her daughter and pals along for the ride.

One insider reports, “She looks amazing and she's been relaxed and happy – it's a perfect start to the New Year.” It is a new year and she is a newly single woman. The source explains, “She wants to leave all negativity behind.” Hanging out with a young man is certainly one way to do that.

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