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Creating The Perfect Travel Bag For Working On The Road

Whether You Are A Writer, Developer, Web Designer Or Someone Else Who Needs A Laptop Or PC While Traveling, What Makes Up Your Perfect Travel Bag?

Creating The Perfect Travel Bag For Working On The Road

Travel-- Whether you are snowed in a log cabin in the middle of the Swiss alps or your feet are dug into the sand at a beach resort in Costa Rica, a writer is going nowhere without their writing tools. The question for most novice travelers comes down to what you don’t need to bring rather than what you should bring. Being a writer is no different, except that we may have an extra bag or case that carries all our needed devices, supplies and whatever else we may need to keep our writing flowing and available to complete at any given time no matter where in the world we may be.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that I have in my own back, not only that but also what I have seen in other bags or around the web that may be useful to some, if not all writers who happen to travel.

The Bag:

A bag or carrying case for your writing supplies, be it a computer, tablet, pen and paper or even an old school traditional typewriter. Personally I have found bags that have either a removable over the shoulder strap or even a single strap shoulder backpack as being the best choices. Using a bag that only has hand straps can be a pain when traveling long distances, especially if walking and or riding a bike is involved.


In addition to how you carry the bag, is equally important in the pouches and/or pockets that are available to store items. The size and place of the actual pockets is a bit more important that the number of them, think water proof(water resistant) and how they line up with any items that might not fit into a pocket. Thin pockets inside the back and in the main compartment can lead to items rubbing up against a laptop or tablet, causing potential scratching at the bare minimum.

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Wifi aka “The Internet”:

The internet may not be a “must have” for some writers, but for most of us it is a necessity in getting the resources needed to complete the task at hand and have it submitted to the proper place on time. Until such services as Google’s Project Loon or such similar programs will we need to either bring around a portable Wifi hotspot, travel to the coffee shops we know has an available Wifi signal or tether our phones with a data plan that can handle that. Personally I recommend trying to get as minimalistic as possible and use your phone for a tethering device in order to give Wifi access to a Laptop or tablet.


If you do not want to pay for any additional data or tethering service and you happen to run a GSM phone(At&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for example) you can simply get a second SIM card in which you can use for pure data and Wifi Hotspot accessibility for your second device. Better yet is getting a dual SIM card phone, especially if you plan on doing a lot of traveling, so that way you can have both services active and not have to worry about missing a call or sms message to your main line.

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Laptops Or Tablets?:

A big question for most new travelers who are in need of some sort of computing power besides their phone ask on whether they should invest in a laptop or a tablet for their traveling needs. Personally speaking and having owned both for a few years now, I can honestly say that as a writer I wouldn't be caught dead without a laptop of some sort. As a Linux user I do have a bit more options to choose from as far as price and features, as Linux can be installed on any device and is completely free to do so.


With that being said, as a full time writer I do need to have a physical keyboard, and the ones a tablet does come with or can be purchased as a 3rd party accessory just don't cut it. Nothing is worse for a writer than typing to type a few thousand words on a keyboard that is cheap in make and even worse in build. It also needs to be said that using a virtual keyboard like on most smartphones and tablets is near impossible, as your wpm are near a 1st grade level it seems due to the errors and constant looking to see where a finger is place in accordance to the digital keyboard.

For your everyday browser and causal blogger, a tablet might be a fine solution to choose, however for anyone that writes for a living, it may be a bit wiser to go with a lightweight laptop, If you are around a lot of Wifi signals or happen to use a Wifi router while traveling, a Google Chromebook might be the perfect device, as they have a battery life of around 8 hours and are some of the lightest laptops on the market, they are especially good when you consider the price in between $199 and $299 on average.

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The Accessories:

Once you have the bulk of your setup together, as far as a computing device such as a laptop or tablet, access to the internet and of course a way to carry it all via a bag, then you can focus on the accessories in which brings it all together and adds the needed touch to ensure you can travel while writing successfully. Here are some of the key items that personally come to mind:


-Power Converter/Adapter

-Wireless Mouse(Bluetooth)

-Headphones(with a mic if needed)

-Screen Dust cloth

- Phillips Screwdriver(mini)

-16GB+ USB Storage Card

-MicroSD Card Reader

-Extra Charged Battery Supply(In Case Of No Power Outlets)

-Bluetooth/Wifi Location Tag(keep track of your stuff)

-USB Cable For Phone/Tablet

-Ethernet Adapter Cable(Not Everyone Has Wifi Access)

There you have it, even though it’s not the only things a traveling writer may need and this can also be applied towards developers, digital marketer, web designers and more. Of course if there is any particular item or device that you feel fit to recommend to other travelers, then by all means leave it in the comments for others to read.

Jonathan Parkinson:
Covering Traveling, Technology & Sports among other such topics and whether it’s through my writing or creating videos, unique content is what I create. When I’m not busy working, I enjoy a bit of footy, drawing and the millions of things in which life has to offer.

Find Me- My Website||||Twitter||Google+

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