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Credit Card Scandal Lands Target With a Lawsuit

Target scandal 

Credit Card Scandal Lands Target With a Lawsuit
Photo Credit: Target

Target isn’t exactly in the Christmas spirit, stealing their customer’s credit cards is not the way to give joy and love this time of year. Target has become the forefront of a terrible scandal that has rocked the United States. Over 40 million customers of the retail chain received an unexpected Christmas gift when they found out that the store with bull’s eye symbol had stolen their credit card and debt card information.

Well Target is getting their just desserts from their crimes with a nice fat lawsuit. The suit was filed in a federal court in San Francisco, California only hours after Target confessed to hacking into customer’s credit card information. The 40 million-customer hacks took place from November 27- December 15. California native, Jennifer Kirk, was the first to file the suit against Target and put it in as a class-action suit. The suit will also represent other customers who were affected by the hack as well.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Target never put a security procedure in place to prevent such hacks to happen. Though Target has not yet said anything about the lawsuit the scandal has rocked the retail world.

This scandal has come at potentially the worst possible time as Christmas is right around the corner People are running out in hoards trying to get in their last minute shopping and Target has always been a top choice for many of those customers. It has low cost items and they typically offer spectacular items and customers love to spend their time walking up and down the red aisles searching for the perfect gift for their loved one.

It begs the question as to whether or not something like this has ever happened before. We use our credit cards or debt cards so frivolously without so much as a thought that perhaps the stores in which we shop, are taking our information and storing it for their own use. How can we be sure the credit card machines are as safe as they claim to be. Hackers get into our computer systems all the time, change our passwords and send emails begging our friends and family for money, how have we never assumed that they can get into our credit card information when we make a purchase at a store? Credit card fraud is something people deal with every day and are often called by their card institutions alerting them of fraudulent charges, it isn’t a surprise that such a hack has taken place at Target so close to the holidays.


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