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Cressida Bonas--Future Bride of Prince Harry?

Cressida Bonas may be the next royal princess alongside Kate Middleton if Prince Harry convinces her to marry him.
Cressida Bonas--Future Bride of Prince Harry?

Cressida Bonas has just found herself in the same position as Kate Middleton. If you have never heard her name before, be prepared to learn everything about her, right down to what she eats for breakfast in the morning. Cressida is Prince Harry’s lady love of the moment. Rumors of an impending engagement were sparked over the weekend and now everybody is doing their homework to figure out just who this young lady is. Will there be another royal wedding in the near future?

If any man has ever had a type, Harry is certainly one of them. He likes tiny, beautiful blondes and guess what? Cressida Bonas fits the bill. His longtime on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy seemed like she was destined to be Mrs. Prince Harry, but sources said she was not willing to live in the public eye and be subjected to the constant media pressure. So, it was time for Harry to move and look for a girl who was willing to do deal with his royal family and all that it entails.

Enter Cressida Bonas. Friends of the young lady say she has done a lot of thinking and well, bring it on! A friend of the latest blonde in Harry’s life declares, “Cressie is going to marry Harry.” Hmm, that is great and all, but has he even asked or led her to believe that could be a possibility? Harry seems to love the single life a great deal. But, apparently, age and a lot of partying is catching up with the old boy and he is starting to get a bit broody.

The insider says, “Harry never stops talking about marriage and children, and she has got used to the idea.” He does have a brand new nephew and a gaggle of cousins who have children. Harry seems to be a bit of a big kid himself and is often spotted playing with kids he sees at his various appearances. You can only imagine how he must be around Will and Kate’s son. So, all of this information can only mean one thing—impending marriage.

Cressida Bonas is a woman with a goal according to her friend and when you have goals, you must have deadlines. “The wedding is likely to take place next year,” reports the insider. Uh, somebody should probably let the queen know. According to Harry’s pals, the spare heir to the throne is certainly known as the life of the party, but he has a much more serious side and it is starting to come out now that he is pushing 30. “He is much more keen to settle down in a way he never was before,” explains one of his pals. He probably sees his big brother and his family and realizes it isn’t all bad being with just one woman.

And Cressida Bonas sounds like the perfect girl for Prince Harry. “She’s got a wonderful free spirit that he just adores. She’s very natural and comfortable in her own skin,” reports one of Harry’s friends. The two have been together for just over a year and things have really started getting serious the past few months. They are often spotted out together doing normal things like going to concerts or just hanging out with friends. But, Cressida is a bit gun shy when it comes to wedding because her own parents tend to walk down the aisle as often as some people buy new cars. Despite that, Harry reportedly loves hanging out with the somewhat dysfunctional family. Time will tell if we will get to see another royal wedding.

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