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Critics Are Worried About Apple's Future, No New Devices Are Expected At WWDC

Are you scared of Apple's future with no new devices due to come out at this years WWDC?

Critics Are Worried About Apple

WWDC 2014- Well it seems that some users are a little worried in the direction Apple is going as it was speculated that there would be a few new iOS based devices by now. These ‘users’ are more like investors, but as other news sources around the web are showing, ‘Bad news sells.’ With WWDC upon us and their has been no hints of any new devices to be had, shown or even discussed, I can see the point of being worried to a degree.

However, what myself and other tech writers across the web are concluding is that Apple will showcase the software now, and by August or sometime the holidays the hardware will be released. This shows, if true, that Apple is doing things in my opinion the right way. Years prior has Apple released new software and hardware side by side, but the problem with that is the new software was always limited as far as upgraded apps that take advantage of the new OS features.

Now developers will get their hands on the software early, which will give them a few months to take advantage and get their current applications updated or building an application in general under the new guidelines of the future software. Though remember this is only a speculation between a few of us online tech writers, though it seems like the correct business model to take on from here on out.

What also could be happening is Apple want’s to keep a tight lid on things and once the event has begun, will they then surprise Apple users of some new hardware. The iPhone 6 will most likely be on hold till later in the year, and so will the iPad, but it wouldn't and should not come to a surprise if a new Macbook is showcased at this years event.

Could Apple be looking at Samsung and waiting till the iWatch, iPhone and iPad are ready and drop them into the consumer market at the same time? Only time will tell, but since the FCC hasn't reported Apple submitting any recent patents, it is almost certain that this years WWDC will be focused on software only.

What Apple device are you most looking forward too? The iWatch, New iPad, maybe the iPhone or how about a lighter more cost effective Macbook Air? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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