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Crouton 4 Chromebook: Fix Your Brightness and Volume Controls On The Keyboard

The easy way to make your keyboard compatible running Crouton on a Google Chromebook. Brightness controls and Volume Controls are both covered in this segment.

Crouton 4 Chromebook: Fix Your Brightness and Volume Controls On The Keyboard

Crouton running on a Google Chromebook is one of the greatest way to get the most out of such a price favoring device such as these. When installing Crouton however we can come to a few different issues if you are not to familiar with how Linux works. Though this shouldn't be something to stress, worry or deter you from enjoying the availability of a dual booting PC.

Users who have a small experience with running Crouton on a Google Chromebook know that the keyboard doesn't always line up and work the same to both Chrome OS and Ubuntu. This is an easy fix though, so let’s take a look at how to make the volume up, down and mute work. Then we can also look at making the brightness up and down work since we will be working in the same territory.

First thing we are going to need to do is open up the keyboard settings, this can be done by navigating to the application menu, then into settings and click on ‘keyboard’. Although if you are doing this from the Unity version of Ubuntu, then you can just open up the application menu and search for ‘keyboard’ to find it.

Next you will need to click on the ‘Application Tab’ within the Keyboard menu you just clicked on.

fix keyboard issues crouton chromebook.png

Once you have clicked on that tab you will see an ‘Add’ button on the bottom, you will need to click that to add some new commands and assign them to a keyboard button/s.

add keyboard commands crouton chromebook.png

Now once you clicked the ‘Add’ button you will be prompted to add a shortcut command, use one of the following for each time you add a new keyboard command. Once you enter it and press the OK button you will have another box appear, this is where you will press the key or keys you want to associate with that command you just entered.

Screenshot - 04272014 - 03:06:03 PM.png

And here is the list of commands for getting the brightness and volume controls worked out for your keyboard on Crouton running on the Google Chromebook.

Screenshot - 04272014 - 03:07:23 PM.png

Here you can copy and paste them if you are lazy, just use the bold parts as the command as the ## means it's a comment(explaining what it is you are looking at) ;).

amixer set Master 10%+ ## Increase the volume by 10%

amixer set Master 10%- ## Decrease the volume by 10%

amixer set Master toggle ## Sets mute on and off

brightness up ## Turns Brightness Up

brightness down ## Turns Brightness Down

That’s it!, now of course if you have any issues you can always leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jonathan Parkinson: Jonathan is a writer and enthusiast of everything technological and sports related, although he does have an ambition to travel the world.

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