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Dab--New Trend in Pot; Is It Any Safer?

Dab is the new drug of choice among cannabis lovers.
Dab--New Trend in Pot; Is It Any Safer?
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A little dab will do if you want to get really high. Dab is the new thing for pot lovers everywhere. But, it isn’t for everybody and should be used with caution. As with every drug, it can be made wrong and because dab isn’t marijuana in its pure form, things can go bad. People are always trying to find the next big thing and in the drug world, if you can find a cheaper way to get high, it is always a good thing.

Dab is cannabis oil. Those crafty stoners have figured out that the natural oils in the marijuana plant are quite spectacular. The stuff doesn’t look like weed and tends to resemble a big, nasty ball of earwax. Okay, that is a little gross, so let’s call it honey-colored. Earwax ruins the fun of getting high. The wax is heated while sitting on either a piece of metal. One popular way is to stick it on the end of a long nail. The dab of oil is heated. This is where it gets a little dicey. Usually, a small butane torch (or lighter) is used to heat the dab. Once the dab is hot, it releases vapors, which are inhaled through a glass tube. The high is apparently quite the thing (no personal experience.)

As will all illicit activities, there are risks. In this case, the butane is, well, pretty damn flammable. Add somebody who is already stoned and things can go pretty wrong. Like a big boom, there goes your eyebrows wrong. On the really bad side, there goes your face. Not to mention, a fire being started and burning down your house.

As if that wasn’t all scary enough, people who have no business trying to sell dab, are doing it. And they are doing it wrong. If the dab you have purchased or looking to purchase isn’t that lovely orangey/yellowish earwax color, it isn’t any good. That black, greasy looking stuff that seems to have taken over the market is not the good stuff. One expert explains the dark color is because plant material got into the mixture.

There is another little problem wannabe oil makers don’t consider when they sit in their mom’s basement trying the next big thing. If the oil was made from marijuana that was grown with the help of some fertilizers and pesticides, it can get into the oil. When the person goes to inhale the vapors of the dab, they are inhaling some pretty nasty chemicals as well.

So, if you must dab, experts have a couple of tips for you. If you inhale and seconds later you get a killer headache and not a good, healthy buzz—put the dab down! It isn’t clean and you are well and truly killing brain cells. When you heat the dab, it should be a quiet process. If it sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies, it is icky and should be avoided.

The bottom line is this stuff is illegal, but it is the new thing. If you have teens, they have probably been exposed to this stuff. If you are using it, be smart about it. When drugs are illegal, there are going to be some shady people making the stuff and doing it haphazardly. It may sound silly, but seriously, only buy from reputable dealers. This country has enough problems. We don’t need a bunch of kids getting hurt because they smoked some bad dab.

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