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Danielle Fishel Addresses Twitter Haters on Weight, Marriage

"Girl Meets World" star fights back against hurtful comments from her Twitter followers.
Danielle Fishel Addresses Twitter Haters on Weight, Marriage
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Future “Girl Meets World”/former “Boy Meets World” star Danielle Fishel (“Topanga”), 32, took to Twitter on Tuesday during what could still be considered her honeymoon period to give haters a piece of her mind after they were bullying her for everything from her weight (really?) to her marriage over the weekend to boyfriend Tim Belusko, 25, whom she had been seeing for the past five years before making it official and tying the knot. 

Those unhappy with Fishel’s personal decision to marry whomsoever she chooses to were mainly upset with the fact that Belusko is “so much younger” than Fishel.  Unless you’re underage, Aaliyah said it best: “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”  If these two are compatible with each other, then who are you to judge?

Fishel described Belusko as “mature, responsible, loving, and kind.”  Though, it sucks that she would feel the need to defend herself, but when you get doused with the Hater-ade, sometimes you feel like you need to shake your hair dry onto the haters who are doing the pouring.

With regard to her weight, Fishel was in shock (and rightfully so) that people would say she looked “fat” in her wedding dress.  Fishel says she is 107 lbs. at 5’1”, which does seem to be about right, judging by recent photographs of her. 

Even if she’s lying about her weight, the girl looks damn fine, and she’s right when she charges those people with being the “reason why anorexia exists.”  It’s easy to understand why someone who may already have a poor self image can be bullied into believing that weighing 107 lbs. makes him or her “fat.”  This type of bullying, and any bullying really, is deplorable.

Fishel speaks from personal experience when it comes to eating disorders, as she too has struggled in the past with her body weight.  Fishel has admitted to being obsessed with having a 24-inch waist when she was younger, and she would resort to such extreme methods as eating only lettuce at meals, taking laxatives regularly, or making herself frequently throw up.  Thankfully, Fishel has since come to accept a healthier image of her body as time progressed.

In addition to announcing her engagement this past December, Fishel also announced an equally important milestone at the same time: her graduation from college.  Fishel went back to school at the age of 27 years old, and she was proud to announce that she had done so well in her math courses that she even became a tutor to help others with their struggles in the subject.

Anyone who hates on Danielle Fishel is obviously nursing a severe case of green skin.  (Seriously, are you the Hulk?)  The girl is smart, gorgeous, and she has amazing personal strength.  She’s had a successful career in that she was a child star and has managed to remain pretty low-key over the years, save for a recent DUI charge a few years back which doesn’t even compare to the antics of other celebrities around Fishel’s age. 

Not to mention, she married her boyfriend of five years, which means that, unlike some Hollywood marriages, hers will probably last a lot longer than 72 hours.  (Oh look, they already did!)  Most celebrity couples don’t even know each other for five years in total before they’ve already been married, divorced, and popped out a couple of kids.  So hate on, haters.  You know this girl is on fire.

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