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Dating in The Modern World

Dating in The Modern World
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No one ever said that dating was easy, especially not in modern times. It seems as though all the good men are either taken or gay or simply uninterested and this can really weigh on a girl's spirits. It isn't exactly easy for a 32-year-old to get out into the world after being married and start dating again. It takes time to re-adjusting oneself with the idea of meeting someone new and trusting them again, especially after they have been so betrayed by the person they thought they would spend the rest of their life with. So while dating is hard for the average person it is even harder for a divorcee. 

Well, this writer has recently returned to the dating world and it has definitely not be an easy transition. For 9-years of my life my entire identity belonged to one person and figuring out who one is after so much time has passed is no easy task. Like most people do, this writer has had her share of mistakes and has done things she isn't proud of but it is all part of the process of finding oneself again. Regardless of the fact that divorcee's might lose themselves during the divorce, getting back out there is scary as hell and sometimes you just have to dive in head first in order to make it work. And sometimes, head first sites and apps. 

There are a variety of outlets by which you can meet people online including OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and probably one of the most successful of them all, eHarmony. Any one of these sites could, one would hope, help you find the true love of your life. Of course, you have to be open to the idea of online dating, which not everyone is...including this writer. So you can believe that signing up for OkCupid was not a thrilling adventure. Once signed up messages came in but being skeptical about the online dating scene replying wasn't exactly the best option for this writer. No, instead somehow she got dragged into going to an OkCupid dating event in the city. A lot smarter than replying to a message online, right?

The event was a combo OkCupid/Match event and was held at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar. To make matters worse it happened to be on the hottest day of the week...double ugh! The bar was a typical New York City type bar, only a little higher class. It was packed to the brim with men and women hoping to find a match worthy of their standards. Unfortunately the evening was comprised of a room full of slim Pickens so matches weren't exactly in the cards. This writer and her friend grabbed a drink and found the most air conditioned place in the room and stayed there. We hoped to remain fairly out of sight but the slim Pickens boys had other ideas. A conveyor belt of men came and went like a factory making products at a rapid pace. The entire time the thought of, "What the heck was I thinking?" ran through one's mind. Was this really what the dating scene was going to be like? A room full of horny men who think they're better than they actually are? If so then get me the hell out! Dating can't be this awful, can it? 

The event ended around 10:00pm however, two boys wouldn't allow us to leave on time. This writer wanted out and quickly but some people just don't get the hint. It was an awkward and uncomfortable situation and what's worse, one of the guys made a lip every time this girl walked away. We are adults people, man up! 

To sum up, this writer is still unsure as to whether or not online dating is for her. 

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