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Daughter Dynasty Branches Out

Sadie Robertson doesn't play a big role in her families hit show Duck Dynasty, but she is making it big in fashion.

Daughter Dynasty Branches Out

Who would have though America would become captivated by a group of rednecks who restrict their wardrobe to camouflage, boots and have more facial hair than most men would ever dream about? In one of the strangest success stories to ever come out of reality television, the Robertson family has found amazing success doing what they do best—making duck calls and spending time with their quirky family.


For those who have yet to see it because the concept seems completely ridiculous, you wouldn’t be the first to wonder what all the hubbub is about. Surprisingly enough, one of the stars of the show is just as surprised by the uncanny success of the show, which is in its fourth season. It blew ratings out of the water when 12 million people tuned in for the premiere of the new season. Papa Robertson, who everybody, including his sons calls Phil, shot the idea down when he first heard about it from his son Willie. Willie can’t help but rub the success in his dad’s face from time to time.


While each member of the Robertson clan has found fame, there is one young lady who is really riding the 15 minutes reality television brings to the table. Willie’s daughter, Sadie Robertson, has just made her big debut as a model at New York Fashion Week. Don’t look for her on any of the major label runways. Her daddy would never allow his 16-year-old daughter to be seen in public in some of those skimpy outfits.


Instead, Sadie is going the prom queen route and has become the celebrity spokesperson for the Sherri Hill line. She took her first trip down the runway in a fun and completely daddy-approved floor-length dress.  While the top was sleeveless and did include a bit of a steeper neckline than the overprotective father typically approves of, it was made a little more modest with a sheer black panel.


She isn’t just modeling the dresses. She is actually a co-creator and has a line aptly titled, Sadie Robertson Live Original.  Of course, her parents aren’t quite ready to let her embark on this journey alone. Willie’s law was upheld when Sadie visited Sherri Hill’s place to pick out designs. In fact, some of the dresses that were lovely, but not quite “modest” enough for the Robertson family values. So the dresses were adjusted to account for the fact that teen girls really don’t need to be flashing an enormous amount of skin before they can legally vote.


She is only 16, but with her gorgeous looks and business-savvy family, she is already set. Her daddy explains, “Sadie can do whatever she wants to do.  She's got a bunch of opportunities right now with the business but we'll see.” She doesn’t look like the type to put on some cammo gear and start making duck calls. That seems to be a job for the men in the family. However, her dad is clearly leaving the door open for Sadie to join the family business if she so chooses.


Sadie, who is only a sophomore in high school, sounds a lot like the typical teenager. She isn’t quite sure what she wants to do when she grows up. Thankfully, dropping out of school and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry doesn’t sound like an option. She is relying on her family’s strong morals and their ability to keep her grounded with fame pounding on the front door.


In fact, she says her family is praying for another young soul who seems to have got gobbled up by the fame monster. Fellow southerner Miley Cyrus has found herself on the Robertson family prayer list. Sadie doesn’t outright criticize her, but it is clear she feels bad for Miley. “We feel very bad for her, because we know how entertainment can get wrapped up in your head,” she explains. Aww, how sweet. And the whole twerking business? Sadie isn’t denying she has never done it, but she says you will never see her doing it in public. Can you imagine what her daddy and uncles would do? Ack! That could be an entire episode.

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