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David De Gea, Could He Be On His Way Out?

Will he stay or will he go?

David De Gea, Could He Be On His Way Out?

MUFC-- Say it’s not so! The thought of selling David De Gea to many if not most Manchester United fans is a frightening thought. Although, with the recent signing of ex-Barcelona famed goalkeeper Victor Valdes, many people are beginning to speculate and even those that think it was impossible to sell the best keeper in England a week ago, there is a slight possibility.

There is a chance Manchester United could fetch a record breaking deal for goalkeepers as David De Gea is sure to fetch top dollar from his home country if he should choose to sign there. Many of the young Manchester United supporters forget  though that Edwin Van Der Sar was brought in at the age of 35, and Victor Valdes himself is only 32. From a business standpoint it would make sense in my opinion, but that’s thinking in a pure business sense. Though if Valdes does not perform right out of the gates and David De Gea was dols, then he backlash from the fans would be extremely heavy.

The only way this could really work would be if the back office of the Red Devils works out a deal to bring in another star field player to take some of the pressure off of losing the up and coming world super star, David De Gea. Barcelona is most likely going to be the top suitor for the Spaniard as his contract nears an end and Manchester United are yet to work out a deal with him at this moment.

This season alone has already seen the Spaniard make 58 saves and is considered by most to be the best goalkeeper in the English Premier League. At 24 years old, he hasnt even hit his prime years yet so the sky is still the limit. Last year he made a total of 99 saves in the EPL, so with Manchester United in 3rd place, and the offence still not having reached the optimal level, he is a strong favorite to be the teams MVP this year.

The other option it could mean with the signing of Victor Valdes is security, and as the Red Devils rack up even more injuries, the last place they need to lose a player is goalkeeper. Valdes is signed to an 18 month contract, so if, just if David De Gea doesn't end up wanting to sign for Manchester United, they have a solid second option that has an optional year signing addon.

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