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David Ortiz, Red Sox Slugger As Mayor Of Boston

Boston Red Sox slugger for mayor?

David Ortiz, Red Sox Slugger As Mayor Of Boston
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There is nothing wrong with celebrities running for office, if they are capable of doing the job. Some celebrities or athletes have been able to take their new job in office and turn things around for the better, while others are still trying to get a handle on things. However, there have to be some qualifications that make them a viable candidate, it can’t just be that they are popular and therefore should run for some kind of office of power. This is exactly what Bostonians are trying to do with one of their most beloved baseball players, David Ortiz.

First of all, as a New Yorkers, this writer is appalled by the idea that, just because David Ortiz is a good designated hitter, Bostonians automatically believe that he will be an excellent mayoral candidate. As a die-hard Yankee fan, saying anything positive about a Red Sox is practically a sin, but admittedly David Ortiz is quite the hitter but how does this qualify him as sufficient enough to become mayor?

The Red Sox have always played, for the most part, in a way that this writer deems as dirty, figuratively speaking. One moment in particular that stands out is the brawl that broke out between the Yankees and Red Sox a few years ago where both benches were cleared and Pedro Martinez, former Sox pitcher, took Don Zimmer by the head and knocked him to the ground. Those of you who are unaware of this, Don Zimmer is not exactly a spring chicken, he is an elderly man who could not stand up for himself against the younger, stronger pitcher. What kind of a team allows their player to take an elderly man and knock him to the ground for no reason whatsoever? This is the team who harbors a potential mayor?

During last week’s election day when Boston residents went to vote many of them wrote in for David Ortiz to be elected, even though he was not officially running. According to initial reports Ortiz came in third on the mayor race however, these reports are being deemed as inaccurate by officials and the exact number of write in votes for Ortiz remains unknown.

This writer believes that some people do not understand the importance of the mayor’s job and feel that anyone they like can do the job.

Perhaps this has spawned from Arnold Sschwarzenegger election to office in California, people figured if the Terminator could be elected into office, their beloved Red Sox hitter could as well.

When will the world learn that spectacular athletes don’t always make good government officials?

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