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Di Maria, Will He Stay At Manchester United?

the Rumor Wheel Is Spinning

Di Maria, Will He Stay At Manchester United?

MUFC-- The summer transfer window is wide open and once again Manchester United center the attention from media outlets as printed speculation is stating PSG is looking to sign Angel Di Maria. The French side has recently had their Financial Fair Play ban lifted which gives the club the opportunity to pursue such talents as the Argentinian, but the question is will Manchester united let him go?

With Manchester having broke the bank only last season to sign Di Maria to a British record signing of £59.7 million on August 28th of 2014, it would be hard to see his departure so early. During the start of his campaign with the Red Devils Di Maria was on fine form, but an injury set back stalled his performance and the rest of his season was below par at best.

PSG are rumored to be offering a transfer fee somewhere in the range of £42.5 million which would be a discount of £17.2 million. Given the difference is so large it is hard to see this deal going through, however there is another piece to the puzzle that may entice Manchester united.

The rumors only add fuel to the speculation as Edinson Cavani is mentioned as apart a possible deal between the two clubs. Manchester United are in need to a solid striker and PSG would love to as Di Maria to their lineup with Ibrahimovic up front.

Even though this is only a rumor and on paper it does make some sense, it is expected that Di Maria will stay and Manchester United for another year at least to give him the proper chance he deserves. Di maria is too talented to just give up on, but the EPL is unlike any other league with the amount of toughness that is needed game in and game out.

Finesse has a hard time with toughness over a long grueling season, if Di Maria can bulk up the way Christiano Ronaldo had too then I think he will do just fine.

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