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Digital Driver Licenses In California Are Inevitable

The Digital Driver License

Digital Driver Licenses In California Are Inevitable

CA Driver License-- The push to digitize everything is starting going into full swing in the state of California as an Encino Lawmaker pushes to make the “Digital Driver License” a reality. Without a doubt this is going to come with some sort of skepticism as users are already starting to voice their concern with police having the ability to go through their smartphone while “checking” the driver license information.

New software technologies are already popping up as the standard on both iOS and Android, such as pinned apps on Androids latest lollipop 5.0 build. Though I would probably suggest on keeping an old device in your car with just your driver license on it if you are looking to be extra careful, o and still put a lock on that as well.

In California Bill 221 was introduced on Wednesday February 11th, and in this bill it will look to provide “safeguards” in order to protect identities. So by law you may be protected but remember other protocols on the devices themselves should always be used for certainty. Matt Dababneh was the man to introduce this bill and is helping the movement along in Sacramento California, whether it passes or not is still up for debate.

“Obviously, security and privacy will be essential to enact this program,” Matt Dababneh was saying. “I will be working closely with consumer groups, privacy advocates and digital security experts to ensure that the final product meets the safety standards that Californians expect.”

Users will still need to register with the DMV for security reasons, but lets hope this limits the amount of times you will have to go, or at least make those visits a bit faster. Those that are not looking to go this route just yet can still stick with a physical license, and it’s probably a good idea for everyone to keep one of these as a backup even if it’s just left at home.

As long as there's options to go either route(digital or physical) then I don't think there should be much of an uproar, especially if it keeps less people from having to go to the DMV.

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