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DisLock, The One Stop Security Application For Android Wear And Pebble Smartwatches

DisLock the security app that is a must for all Android Wear a Pebble Smartwatch owners
DisLock, The One Stop Security Application For Android Wear And Pebble Smartwatches

DisLock-- Wearable devices have been the main focus of 2014, and as the year comes to an end it is easy to see 2015 will follow a similar trend. While this year has seen a vast growth in applications for smart watches like the Pebble Smartwatch as well as all Android Wear products, there is one that is a must have across the board.

DisLock is a free application found in the Google Play Store and is compatible with all Android Wear and Pebble Smartwatches. Within the application you can set up your device to do a few security tricks to make your life a little easier. How does DisLock work? Well here is a brief understanding on just that from yours truly.

Smartwatches are connected to their supporting device whether it is a smartphone or a tablet to name just a few. With DisLock a user can unlock their device when they are in certain proximity to it. Once the user moves out of range, the device will automatically lock and you will need to either swipe, enter a pin or password to unlock it, that is unless you move back into proximity of that device.

Some examples on when this could be useful would be like when you go swimming, a smartwatch can track your fitness but you won't be swimming with your smartphone. Maybe you are at the gym and you leave your phone at home by accident, no need to turn around as your phone is automatically locked.

Personally I have been using it for the past year or so with a Pebble smartwatch and have found it to be the perfect app for me. You can even set it up so it will stay unlocked while connected to a certain WiFi signal if you choose to do so. This could make it useful for employees using a device, so once it leaves the vicinity it automatically locks.

Combined it with another app that can lock that app itself from being opened and changed without a pass-code will make things even more secure if a device is used among multiple people.


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