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Dive into Chris Brochu's 'Life'

Dive into Chris Brochu

These days it seems as though Hollywood has brought about some seriously talented people who not only can act but they have other incredible talents as well. One of those seriously talented individuals is The Vampire Diaries own, Chris Brochu who not only can act but is also an incredibly talented singer/musician. 

Brochu burst into fans hearts when he appeared as Luke Parker, the mysterious and sometimes frustrating, witch on the hit CW series, The Vampire Diaries. Fans fell in love with his spectacular acting and upon meeting him at conventions; they fell in love with his personality. Now fans will have even more to love when Brochu’s newest EP,The Life drops on August 4th.

We recently spoke with Chris about his new album and got all of the details you need to know:


BR: Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming EP?

CB: Its The Life EP it’s a mix of records that funded independently so everything that we’ve done thus far has come out of our pockets. It’s been a real labor of love that has been three years in the making. So in a way it’s quite surreal that it’s done.

BR: I can imagine that it’s a comfort or breath of fresh air knowing that it’s done.

CB: Yeah. It’s really nice to be able to say that at the end of the day it’s the truest thing that I’ve been able to release thus far in my life. So that’s a very good feeling to be at a place where you’re proud of what you put your time and money into. It’s a financial investment and an emotional one and its just now at the point where I hope the world enjoys it as much as my family and I do.

BR: What inspires your music?

CB: That’s another reason why I’m doing it on my own is because I couldn’t tell you how it happens. It happens sometimes with just a phrase that I really like, which will mold into a song or a concept for a song or a guitar part that comes out of nowhere. Last time I was brushing my teeth and a chorus came to me so I sang the chorus before bed and thought about that, as I was getting ready to sleep. I think it’s just being in that place where you’re open to receive whatever inspiration is going to come at you.

BR: When you mentioned brushing your teeth and coming up with a chorus I laughed because I’m a writer myself and I always noticed that inspiration always comes at the most awkward time.

CB: I think there is something to be said about that because I believe that’s when you’re really being natural and open because you’re vulnerable in a situation. You have to get somewhere in time but your very susceptible to different things that I think as artists, getting as close to the source of all inspiration whatever it may be and just letting whatever happens happen.

BR: Do you have other a routine for when you sit down to write?

CB: I wish there was a method to that. Truthfully its kind of whatever is packed into a day because I am coming and going a lot but I just have my guitar out at all times. For instance I’ve picked it up 5 or 6 times today to play this song that I was working on over the weekend. I think it’s just those hours of time when I write. It’s very much a puzzle piece where I’m trying to tell a story in 3-minutes.

BR: In terms of the songs on album, is there one that means the most to you?

CB: I think what will end up being the single track is the song called, Out There, and if I were going to have anyone listen to any of the songs it would be that one. That song is just being your voice of positivity in a world where we’re very much defined by outward appearance. It’s basically a song talking to the world and just saying that people may try and define your beauty or decide your free thoughts but I’m not about that. And no matter what at the end of the day we’re all kind of beautiful in our own way.

BR: What’s next for you?

CB: Truthfully at the moment I am doing everything album related. Tracks are being mastered, I’m working on the artwork, I’ve got the printing process going so there’s a lot of those aspects that I’m doing. As far as acting goes it’s honestly just scripts come through, I read them and audition for them and they either go or they don’t go and right now I’m not working on anything but life happens to you in these ways sometimes. You just always have to keep your creativity muscles moving.

BR: Where can our readers keep up with you and find out when your album comes out?

CB: As far as the album, it is going to be released August 4. It will be available hardcopy as well as on iTunes and Amazon. As far as shows go I am having a big EP release party on August 4th and details are coming soon for that. Otherwise I’m going to play show this month in Georgia.


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