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Do You Need The S-Pen? Well Maybe, But I Sure Do!

The S-Pen Is A Must Have For Certain People, Are You One Of Them?

Do You Need The S-Pen? Well Maybe, But I Sure Do!

ANDROID-- When it comes to buying a large phone or better known as a "Phablet," a user needs to Know what the best options are. so for example, I'm actually writing this article on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 With the S-Pen and utilizing the handwriting Keyboard option. Now if I am completely honest as someone who writes for a living, I absolutely love it!

Gaining another way to write and switching it up from the keyboard is like taking a big deep breath of fresh air. No matter if I am on the bus or traveling in a Car and even waiting at the DMV, I can write, draw & also do a whole lot more with just my “big” smartphone and the trusty S-Pen.

Now of course there are going to be those users who would never need a stylus or the S-Pen Samsung manufactures, but that doesn't mean they are a waste, not by a long shot. A new breed of artist has been growing in the digital world, and a mobile canvas tied in with a few of these surprisingly high powered art apps, they can create works of art almost anywhere. Whether it’s waking up in the morning and laying in bed doodling or sitting at your aunts house for the holidays, an artist should never be without some tools to be creative.

One of the best apps when it comes to using a stylus and more specifically the S-Pen is an application called Sketchbook Pro. Some Samsung Galaxy owners will notice they have a version specifically for their device which is a full version and very powerful app. What makes the app so amazing besides the obvious in having a ton of tools, is the pressure recognition from the pen tip. Having full control on the pressure of your pen and how it effects the art is one of the most important features.

There are some calligraphy apps that also take into account the pressure you are placing on your S-Pen, though there are some other stylus pens out there that also should work. Finally, the last little point I would like to make about why I enjoy the S-Pen from Samsung is the Scrapbook. Quickly grabbing images, notes, movies and more while adding my own notes and more is a quick and easy way to keep my thoughts organized.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4 are perfect for productive people, and that does not mean just corporate workers. Mothers, Artists, Business Owners, College Students and more are all perfect for the Samsung Note series. Are you a part of the Samsung Note family? What is your favorite feature with the S-Pen?

Jonathan Parkinson:
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