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Drugs, Blood & Zombies (Part 1)

Chapter 1

Drugs, Blood & Zombies (Part 1)

ZOMBIES-- There you are in a half lite hotel room just waking up with a feeling of dissolution as you glance around the painted white room scattered with empty beer cans, a half eaten burger lays in it’s wrapper on the desk supporting a flat screen tv that is flickering from a static signal. A sudden headache starts to settle in as it feels as if the beating of your heart is in your head, pounding away causing your eyes to squint in agony as if you were staring directly into the sun. You think to yourself, “it feels as if i'm on the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

Crawling out of bed you place your feet on the ground to stand up only realizing you were standing on a chess piece and notice the chessboard has been tossed in the trash can that is also filled with heaps of perahinilla. Upon standing you fall face first onto the ground where a water bottle lays within reaching distance to quench that morning thirst from what ever happened the night before. A flash of what when down the night before, no longer than a brief second had you remember the drug binge, but with who still remained a mystery.

Fastforward a few hours….

Leaving the motel room through the front door and walking onto the balcony walkway connecting each room, you look off into the distance and see nothing but sand. Heading down the walkway stairs you notice a trail of blood on the steps but figure it must have been from last night, and judging by the state of the motel, upkeep wasn't a priority. Walking across the parking lot you notice a car accident in the street, this is when that creepy sensation and the hair stands up on your neck begins to take place.

You see your car parked a few spaces away, a yellow pinto with its bumper clearly held on with duct tape and different hubcaps on each wheel. Within a few feet you see that your passenger window had been bashed in, who would break into the piece of shit? That is when a baseball bat like feeling hits you across the face as you see a just the torso of a body sitting in the passenger seat, the upper body looked as if it had been torn off. The blood on the broken window is now clear to see as you hover a few feet from it, glass fragments are everywhere along with blood.

After what feels like an eternity the rush of of adrenaline kicks up a notch causing you to swiftly turn around and run towards to motel main office. Grabbing your cell phone out of your pocket as you run, you go to dial the local police to only find your phone battery is dead, of course you think. The office mimics that of your car, broken glass and even more blood leading through the doorway as if something had been dragged, bloody footsteps were evident as well. What did you do last night, the only thought that keeps repeating itself as you try to make heads or tails of the situation you are in.

That is when you hear a few small thuds coming from the door behind the office desk, the thuds sound repetitive but not in a timed sequence, one after the other with a second or two in between. With the chaotic scene you have awoken to, the blood everywhere and you're half a John Doe sitting in your passenger seat, well at least half of them you look around the room and grab the small desk lamp as a weapon. Upon reaching the door you see the pool of blood coming from underneath, more blood than any human could lose without dieing. The handle turns and the door creeps open with a sound of fingernails scratching a chalkboard causings that hair on the back of your neck to return to its upright position. The back room is dark as you reach out to the side wall desperately searching for a light switch, finding it you flick it on to only feel the hair your head join that of what's on your neck, standing up….

Find Out What Is Inside The Room In The Next Chapter, Coming Soon!

This is a rough draft story where I will be writing a chapter at a time and posting them as they are completed.

Jonathan Parkinson

Living Life One Day At A Time

While writing gets him through life, cars, sports, tech and friends take up most of his free time.

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