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Drum & Bass, FTW!

Drum & Bass fan? What are your favorite tracks?

Drum & Bass, FTW!

D&B-- Electronic music has virtually taken over the world in some way or another, whether it’s combined with hip hop, pop music or even country music. Just like Hip Hop did in the 80’s and early 90’s with one of its elements, Graffiti, electronic music plays a role in commercials, movies, YouTube videos and much more. The real debate though stems from the genres within a major genre, what kind of electronic music is the best?

Having grown up loving all types of music and being culturally exposed to the scenes in both Europe and Northern America, I can say that Drum and Bass is where I ended up when it comes to electronic music. Stoners will disagree a they are more inclined to listen to a more Ambient style of rift, trendy teens are going to fight for their dubstep, but in the end it’s all about the music that makes you feel the rhythm not just the drop.

Artists such as Skream & Benga, Sub Focus, Netsky, Goldie and others are have found a way to make it to the big “corporate” stages, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are number one. They just have the sound that works for most people, even those that don’t enjoy D&B as much as others. The electronic scene is evolving everyday thanks to the internet giving DJ’s and producers the opportunity to expose their work on such sites as Soundcloud.

The Internet has also been a great tool for the Drum and Bass fans, as sharing new tracks, sounds and artists is as easy as pressing the share button(which you should do for this article).  Who is your favorite D&B artist? Share your thoughts and favorites in the comment section, also throw in a link to their work so others can check them out.

Personally, I like Liquid D&B..

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