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Duchess Kate's Bare Bum Creates New Scandal

Kate Middleton's bare butt is being splashed all over the internet again after her skirt was blown up in Australia.
Duchess Kate
Credit: Bild magazine

The British royals have made it their mission to rise above the rest of the little people in the world and rarely do they make any public missteps. That is until Kate Middleton came along. The newest addition to the royal family has been shaking things up since she started dating the heir to the throne, Prince William. She is a “commoner” and wasn’t exactly raised to be quite as staunch as the rest of the family. She has been working hard to change her image to one that is befitting of a wife to the King. She has had some missteps to say the least. Once again, the Duchess of Cambridge has flashed more skin than appropriate and her bare bum is on the cover of German magazine, Bild.

Most media outlets will not touch pictures of the Duchess in a compromising situation with a 10-foot pole, but there are those few who can’t resist a salacious picture now and again. After the full frontal pictures that circulated a little over a year ago, you would think the new mom would learn a few things. Even the most fame-hungry Hollywood celebrities have learned how to protect their modesty when wardrobe malfunctions occur.

Kate likes flirty, loose flowing dresses and they look really good on her. She has a fabulous figure and has made feminine fashions cool again. Apparently, her old-school feminine style doesn’t extend past the exterior because underneath, Miss Kate likes to wear itty bitty thongs if anything at all.

The story that has been making waves all around the world features Kate’s bare butt on display after her dress was blown up by a gust of wind stirred up by the blades of the helicopter she had just left while she was on tour with her husband and son in Australia. Oddly enough, Kim’s butt was plastered alongside Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s butts with the caption, “Khloe, Kim and Kate—butts which have moved us these past few days.” Yeah, not so much. Kim’s butt is always on display and seems to be growing by the day.

Needless to say, Kate’s latest scandal has rocked the palace a bit. The palace has yet to comment on the situation, but sources are trickling information out to the tabloids. One source claims, “Kate realizes she has a very public life, but she does believe she’s entitled to a certain amount of privacy.” For the most part, Kate does have privacy. UK laws only allow her to be photographed by paparazzi when she is in public mode. When she is on her own time, she is protected from the cameras, except for the millions of cell phone cameras that turn every citizen into a paparazzo. Tabloids rarely buy the pictures and Kate’s privacy isn’t usually an issue.

You would think if she really wanted to stop these little incidents from happening, she would be a little more cautious. A trick the Queen has used for years includes sewing weights into the hems of her dresses to prevent such mishaps from happening. Kate hasn’t done it yet and there has been more than one occasion when her dress was blown up around her waist.

The source goes on to say Kate Middleton is “furious” over the publication of the picture and is once again considering her legal options. The girl needs to invest in granny panties or Spanx. Wardrobe malfunctions are a part of life, but her constantly exposing herself is completely preventable.

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