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EDC Las Vegas, An Experience Of A Lifetime

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EDC Las Vegas, An Experience Of A Lifetime

EDC-- Every year Insomniac hosts a wide variety of events that rally around one central theme, electronic dance music. One of these major events is named the Electronic Daisy Carnival, or better known simple as EDC. Since it moved away from the state of California on the west coast, the venue moved to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Each spring thousands of visitors buy tickets to a typically sold out event to join others for 3 days at EDC Las Vegas.

The event is so popular that most tickets are sold out before the lineup is even announced, even now the VIP packages are already gone and we still have a few months until the event and at least half that time to even get a hint of the lineup. However if you don’t think joining a festival of thousands that are only half dress in colorful attire and the event going past sunrise each day, then maybe this isn't the event you are looking for. To keep it simple, I wouldn't expect to see too many grandmas and grandpas in the audience, let alone a middle aged parent.

When it comes to personal experience I can say I have been to a few events in my lifetime, I actually went to the first EDC in Las Vegas, though that was one of those trips that seem hazy and left me without a wallet, phone and any other personal possessions I may have wanted to keep. Don’t let that put you off though, if you want to experience something truly different, and may I suggest this is mainly focused towards the more youthful minded people, then check out EDC Las Vegas.

Even if you cannot get some tickets for whatever reason, the entire week leading up to the EDC event in Las Vegas will be worth visiting “Sin City” for all music and clubbing.  If you don't live near Las Vegas and still want to checkout the EDC Festival then you can go to one of the other locations that are held at different times of the year. Here is a list of where EDC events are going to be held during 2015 and of course the dates.

February 21st-22nd in Porto Rico

February 28th-March 1st in Mexico

May 23rd-24th in New York

June 19th-21st in Las Vegas

Head on over to the official Insomniac webpage below to see more info on a particular date of an EDC festival.

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