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Elon Musk & The Hyperloop Is Becoming A Reality

Faster than standard transportation, more reliable than....

Elon Musk & The Hyperloop Is Becoming A Reality
Image By RichMacf (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

TRAVEL-- Whether you travel for pleasure or for business, there is nothing worse for most as the amount of time it takes to get to ones destination. Thankfully there are great minds with great financial situations who are looking to make a change. Elon Musk proposed an idea a few years ago of something he coined the term “Hyperloop” for, a high speed traveling system that can take passengers to a destination at speeds nearing 400Mph.

What was once a “futuristic” idea is now becoming a reality here in California. This will be the first area, which will run along the interstate 5 freeway that will allow such a project to commence. The first project will only run 5 miles in length as a kind of “testing” phase, though I hate to use the word as it would deem passengers as a kind of guinea pig.

Elon Musk is most notable for his Tesla Motors as well as his Space Exploration Technologies, but it seems the millionaire is looking to add one more great improvement for all mankind to his resume. There is no doubt to all those that have to drive in the southern to central California areas when it comes to traffic, especially in the greater Los Angeles. Elon Musk will put plenty of smiles on the local people of the area, but be assured that major corporations will do their part into stopping or at least slowing down this effort.

Dirk Ahlborn, who is the CEO of JumpStartFund stated that “this is a big step” in which he continued on to say, "It's time to take the Hyperloop from concept and design and build the first one."

The deal that was struck up was with Quay Valley, and the requirements for the project have been set to begin in 2016 and then it needs to be finished by 2019. Ahlborn believes the project will cost in the range of $100 million, though it could be upwards of that if any(which there always are) kind of setbacks.

Elon Musk will not be actively apart or even funding this current project, his talents will be focused on the Texas Hyperloop in which he has just recently announced. The funding for the California based project will come from commercial suppliers in which a multi year deal can be started. More news will start to come to fruition as the year continues and the start date comes closer.

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