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Facebook Look Back Videos Clogging up News Feeds

The Facebook Look Back videos that are blowing up your news feed, what they are and why you should take a look at them all.
Facebook Look Back Videos Clogging up News Feeds
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Have you signed into Facebook in the last day or two and noticed a plethora of video-type montages on your friends’ walls? At first glance, you probably snickered to yourself and thought your friend, not really friend, but just a Facebook friend got hacked. You continued scrolling and soon realize it is an epidemic. Your real friends and even your mom have been hit by the same virus. They all seem so happy about it. People are commenting on it. Do you dare click on the video? Will your computer blow up as a nasty virus makes its way through your operating system?

Decisions, decisions. But, I am here to tell you the videos known as Facebook Look Backs are completely safe. They are essentially a 1-minute video of your life on Facebook. It is a little stalker-like to realize somebody is watching you that closely, but in the age of social-networking, nothing is sacred. And as much as I loathe going with the flow of everybody else on Facebook, I am sorely tempted to click the link to make my own.

The Look Back videos are part of Facebook’s 10 year anniversary. Can you believe the site has been around that long? What is even scarier is when you watch your friends videos, you will see just how long we have all been cyber-stalking each other. Some of my friends boast joining dates of 2008. I cannot believe it has been that long, but indeed it has. Since the dawn of Facebook, the site has amassed a massive membership of 1.2 billion. Mark Zuckerberg launched the site from his Harvard dorm room back in 2004. It took a bit to get going, but once the whole social-networking thing took off, it exploded. Gone were the days when people would log onto MySpace to keep up with their friends. It was all about Facebook.

Through the years, we have seen the site evolve. Every time there was a new change and a threat to invade the privacy of users more than social-networking already does, people would put up a big fuss and moan and groan. Clearly it didn’t bother anybody too bad, because Facebook continues to grow and has become extremely profitable.

And now it is time to remind you just how much you have put out into the world via your pictures posted to Facebook. For some, it is going to be a rude awakening. For others, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your pictures are fairly generic and reveal very little about your actual life. And for those Facebook stalkers who like to check out exes, frenemies and those you went to school with years ago, the Look Back feature gives you a peak without wasting a lot of time browsing through albums. All you need is a minute of flashing pictures set to some melancholy music to tell you everything you need to know about your Facebook friend.

Now, the real question is will join the masses and make your own Look Back or buck the trend and simply be a voyeur?

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