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Facebook Removes Ban of Beheading Videos

Facebook lifts ban on beheading video posts

Facebook Removes Ban of Beheading Videos
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Facebook has made some controversial moves in the past but their latest move tops the cake for unbelievable decisions. In May the social networking company placed a temporary ban on video clips of real-life beheadings as it could potentially cause permanent psychological damage to the individuals who view the clips. However, earlier this month it was reported that this band has now be removed. A firm in the United States believes that Facebook users should be able to watch these videos and be allowed to condemn them as well. Of course, the removal of the ban includes the suggestion of placing warnings on these horrific videos. Organizations and individuals have the option to condemn the videos if they would prefer not to see them. A suicide prevention charity organization has already condemned the removal of the Facebook video ban.

According to a former psychologist, Dr. Arthur Cassidy, only a second of seeing such a traumatic video is enough to leave a permanent negative effect on a person’s mind, especially a younger individual. The worse the video is the more psychologically damaging it can become and this is why there are many individuals who are up in arms about the removal of the ban.

While America has the belief that people should have many freedoms and be allowed to view what they would like, there is no logical reason a person should need to see a real-life beheading. Facebook currently enables people who are 13 and older to become a member, which means that a 13-year-old will have access to these horrifying and traumatizing videos. 

The BBC was the first to learn about the removal of the ban when a reader informed them that the firm was unwilling to remove the page that was providing users access to clips of a masked man murdering a woman. The video is believed to have been shot in Mexico. The video was posted on the social networking site approximately one week earlier and ha many users disgusted. Under the video comments included requests to remove the video so younger minds wouldn’t be subjected to such cruelty. Many other users stated that they did not watch the video and are only commenting to express their distain for videos such as this to be allowed on Facebook and demanding the video be removed immediately.

In order to try to appease all of their members, Facebook is working diligently to enable people to have complete control over the content that they view on Facebook. This varies from a warning about the content and the fact that certain images and videos contain graphic content; furthermore Facebook removed the ability for third-party advertisers to market their products alongside the graphic videos.

Videos of real-life human beheadings are incredibly shocking and to include these on the Facebook newsfeed is absolutely absurd. Not only can this become traumatizing for those that watch the videos, it can give those people who have already been psychologically damaged or believe that they are meant to kill, ideas about how to carry out a beheading of their own. Many people believe that Facebook executives have lost their senses in removing this video ban.


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