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Family Remains Homeless As a Result of Owning Pitbull

The Devias refuse to trade their pit bull for a place to live.  Can't say I blame them.
Family Remains Homeless As a Result of Owning Pitbull
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The Devias are the kind of people I can get behind.

The family from Walnut Creek, California has been trying to secure a new home ever since Carol and Peter Devias lost their jobs delivering newspapers.  The “problem” has been Rocco, their pit bull.  As soon as landlords find out about Rocco, they deny the family a place to live, citing that they don’t want a pit bull living in their complex.

The Devias even went so far as to insure Rocco, thinking that might help, but it hasn’t and the family is willing to live out of their car if it means not giving up their beloved pet.

Carol explained to ABC News that everyone tells her the same thing - give up the dog and you’ll have less trouble finding a place to live.  However, the Devias are of the understandable mindset that Rocco is just as much a member of their family as their children are, and if one goes, they all go.

Rocco is not the only dog the Devias own.  They are also family to Camilla, a lab mix.  They have had both dogs for the entirety of the dogs’ lives.

While California is unfortunately not yet one of them, seventeen states have already passed laws that work to prevent localities from discriminating against a dog’s breed.  States like Maryland, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Washington are considering similar measures.  We say to the Davies family - if you’re going to be stuck living out of your car anyway, why not drive to one of these seventeen states that will oblige?

Plain and simple - the pit bull gets a bad wrap.  Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it was Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers.  Now, unfortunately, it’s the pit bull’s turn.  People have argued that the breed is one that is naturally more aggressive, but this is simply not true.  In fact, it is because the dogs looked more aggressive by nature (with their big builds and boxy faces) that they were being used for dog fights and the like, a practice that wasn’t brought fully to light until 2007 with the whole Michael Vick fiasco.

Animals are like people - each individual animal is going to have a unique personality.  While one pit bull may be more prone to rage, another is actually a gentle soul who would let your neighbor’s baby put his fingers in her mouth.  You can’t judge the human race on the actions of one person, just as you can judge a dog breed by the actions of one dog.

If you need further proof, the American Temperament Society found, in a study conducted with 400 pit bulls, that nearly 87 percent of the pack had a low aggression level, with less tendencies to panic or avoid humans.  They were actually found second to Labrador Retrievers in the category of “most tolerant.”

It has also been shown that nearly 85 percent of pit bulls that have been involved in fatal attacks had been previous victims of neglect or abuse themselves.

As for the Devias, they have thankfully found new employment, but they still remain hopeful that they will soon find a more open-minded home that will welcome each and every member of their family with open arms...and kibble.

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