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Fear The Silence with Fear Factory & Soilwork

Fear The Silence with Fear Factory & Soilwork
Photo Credit: Sebastian Burgos

The Gramercy Theatre has been home to many thrilling and newsworthy shows over the years but the energy level during those shows pale in comparison with the electricity oozing from the venue on Monday night. The reason? Well, there were two...Soilwork and Fear Factory. 

Fans of the heavy metal bands flocked to the theatre feeding on one another's excitement at the fact that in just a few hours they'd be seeing two bands they have worshipped for years. Both bands have been rocking venues and the heavy metal world for quite a while but the wide-eyed, jaw-dropping look on fans' faces as their favorite songs were played made it seem like neither band had ever toured before. 

*Photo Credit: Sebastian Burgos (click photo for more)* 

After the opening band finished their set, an octane filled set one must add, Soilwork took to the stage. Fans screamed, sang and jumped along to every single note as if it were their last. And even if you weren't a fan of the music you still couldn't help but appreciate and watch in awe as Bjorn "Speed" Strid belted out notes no human should be able to hit. Dirk Verbeuren pounded away at the drums igniting a fire in the crowd and creating a sea of horns to rise from the crowd. As fantastic as the openers were there was a major difference in stage presence and overall performance between the bands. The proof was in the performance, the members of Soilwork were born to perform.


At around 10:00 pm on Monday night, the eleventh hour had hit and the moment everyone, even a few security guards, had been waiting for...Fear Factory took to the stage. A fiery wave of energy soared through the crowd and gasps of joy and admiration could be heard even in the lounge area below the main floor.

But what made this performance all the more rock worthy? The band was playing every track from their hit album, Demanufacture, an album that was released in the late 90s. An album that the band has not toured with since then and certainly not one they've played cover-to-cover with. When a band can recreate an album live and in your face there is truly nothing else like it. 

Hearing those songs you banged your head to over-and-over again, sung live, could make the hairs on your arms stand on their ends.  *Photo Credit: Andreas Burgos*


Heavy metal can be considered one of those genres of music that is an acquired taste however, even the most skeptical of music critics had to admit that Fear Factory is one of those "not to be missed," bands. If you're lucky enough to see them on tour then we salute you and if you're not, we encourage you to get out there and check them out!

For more on the Demanufacture tour visit:

*Photo Credit: Sebastian Burgos


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