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Female Television Characters We Hate(d)

Do we hate them for who they are, or are they deliberately created to be someone we'd hate?
Female Television Characters We Hate(d)
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When it comes to female characters on TV, there are quite a few that we just can’t stand.  We’re even happy to see them get killed off!  Buzzfeed recently tackled the idea of the audience viewing female characters in a different light from their equal male counterparts.  While it may be true that we view these women more discriminatingly, perhaps it is because the characters are also created that way.

Take, for example, the one female character who pops into everyone’s mind when discussing a hatred of female television characters: Andrea from The Walking Dead.  She seemed like such a useless character, always sticking her nose where it didn’t belong and ending up in fights with zombies that could have been avoided.  Even her relationship with the Governor really didn’t serve to further the story, save for the fact that it proved how far gone he was in that he could leave a woman he “loved” locked up with a zombie who would surely end her life. 

Sure, Andrea was no damsel in distress, and thankfully the world that exists in TWD doesn’t allow for much of that sort of thing (yes, I realize we still have Beth to contend with, hence the “much”), but they seemed to make it a weekly habit to be like, “Look at Andrea - she can fight, eh?  What a survivor!  See how well she survives?  She’ll live forever, which is about three more episodes in Walking Dead land.” 

We were relieved and thankful when her character was finally killed off because we didn’t have to listen to her yammer on any longer.  But you know who else tends to end up in situations they don’t belong in, fighting zombies that could have been avoided?  Glenn - and everyone loves Glenn.  Though, Glenn doesn’t really make the stupid decisions as much as he ends up involuntarily thrust into them.

Another female character who is widely hated is Megan Draper from Mad Men.  It’s easy to see where people would be annoyed by her, being that Don just up and marries his secretary who he barely knows simply because she’s good with his kids (which is Don’s fault, not hers, yet we hate her for accepting the proposal), but (dare I say it?) she’s also pretty likeable. 

Sure, she’s dumb enough to think she can change a man like Don, but you can see that she genuinely cares for him and his children, and that all she wants from Don is for him to join her in her celebration of achieving her dream of becoming an actress, but he’s of course too self-involved for that sort of thing.  Megan is the genuine article, and it’s truly a shame that she’s no one’s favorite. 

And speaking of Mad Men, you can’t talk bitches without bringing up Betty Draper.  It’s hard to believe that Megan could have any haters when you compare her to Betty, a strong female character with enough issues to sell subscriptions.  Joan is a pretty strong female character, maybe even the strongest on the show (save for that one incident where she slept with a client and lost cool points but gained a partnership), and she isn’t nearly as hated as are her co-stars.  Could it be because fans find her more respectable?  Oh, wait, no - it’s because she has the biggest boobs.

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