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Fighting Crime with Bret Green

Fighting Crime with Bret Green
Angelina Venturella.

Talented young actors are springing up like the flowers in May and Hollywood is soaking them up. With good looks, an incredible knack for convincing audiences that they are the characters they play, and an unbelievably sense of admiration for their fans, newcomers like Bret Green are taking Hollywood by storm.

Green, who stars in the new crime drama series, The Inspectors, has been improving his resume and making fans salivate over whatever projects he fits into. We were lucky enough to speak with him about his upcoming role and what it is that really motivates him.

BR: Tell us about The Inspectors.

BG: The Inspectors is a procedural crime drama, that’s family friendly. I like to tell people, it’s a little bit of a mix between NCIS and Boy Meets World.

BR: And what about your character?

BG: My character, Preston, is a 18/19-year-old college freshman, who was recently in a car accident that killed his father and paralyzed him. Preston was kind of thrust into this role of man of the house at 18/19 years old. He is forced to grow up and become a leader, not only for his mom and family but also to become the leader of his group of friends in college. He also really wants to be a postal inspector.  A lot of people aren’t really familiar with what the USPI does. They are basically federal agents, who handle any type of crime done through the mail. Unfortunately for Preston, it’s been really tough situation, being in the wheelchair, his goal is to walk again, and be an USPI.

BR: What was the most challenging part of taking on this role?

BG:  I think the natural born leader aspect of Preston, was fairly easy for me. I’ve always kind of been the leader of my friends, and been someone with that never give up attitude. The toughest part was being in the wheelchair, not just physically but mentally as well. I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of great people on set who were in chairs and had been for a long time. It’s a mindset, once you of accepted your fate, that you may be in this chair for the rest of your life. Everything else in life and every other problem or obstacle that you have to face becomes pretty small. I have met some amazing people who are extremely determined and live extraordinary lives. I was incredibly impressed, amazed and inspired by all of them.

BR: You’re stuck in a bunker, what two people are with you and what book are there?

BG: Great question! I would bring my dad, because he would either find a way out or make me feel okay that there is no way out. I’m thinking that I should probably bring a girl. I think I will bring a celebrity crush, Blake Lively. She seems like a cool person and she would be at least entertaining to look at. She is beautiful. There is this book I love, by Jude Angelina, it’s called Hyena. It’s just a big collection of stories, from his life. I could probably read that over and over again.

Follow Bret on his social media accounts:

Instagram & Twitter: @BrettJGreen


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