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Five Pregnancy Myths that Aren't Entirely True (And One That Is)

Time magazine helps you debunk some of those popular myths about what you can and can't do when you're pregnant.
Five Pregnancy Myths that Aren
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Those of you who have had children may have already recognized that some of those rumors you heard before you became pregnant weren't entirely true with regard to what foods to avoid or what works best on stretch marks. 

However, for those of you who are looking to become pregnant, you may not be as “in the know.”  Therefore, here is a list of pregnancy-related myths that aren't entirely true, but may not be entirely false either, as debunked by Time magazine.

1.         Dying Your Hair is Unsafe for Your Fetus

This myth kind of follows the same vein as whether or not cell phones cause cancer.  There has been no definitive evidence to prove that this is, in fact, true, therefore it is safe to believe that it is not true until proven otherwise.  However, if you don’t feel safe using hair dye and you want to put it off until the baby is born, there’s no harm in that either.

2.         Don’t Drink Coffee While You’re Pregnant

This is also not true.  Pregnant women are allotted a small amount of caffeine per day (one 12 oz. cup), so as long as you stick to that allotted amount you should be fine.  However, also keep in mind other foods and drinks that may contain caffeine, such as chocolate or tea.  You may want to temporarily opt for decaf.

3.         You Shouldn’t Eat Sushi or Hot Dogs While Pregnant

A major concern when it comes to food and pregnancy is bacteria.  Hot dogs are safe to consume, provided they are thoroughly cooked.  Most sushi is safe as well, save for mackerel, swordfish, shark, and tile-fish.  You can also indulge in your tuna enjoyment, just don’t eat a lot of it.  12 oz. of tuna (about two tuna rolls) are permitted for pregnant women each week.  Salmon is also safe to eat, provided it’s cooked, and it’s also good for the baby.

4.         You Shouldn’t Change the Litter Box While Pregnant

This one is only true if you have never been exposed to toxoplasmosis.  Many women believe they must have been exposed at one point because they already live with cats, but this is not always the case.  You can have a blood test to determine if the parasite has already made its way into your blood.  If it has, you don’t have to get rid of your cat.  Either have someone else change the box or, if no one is around, wear a mask and gloves to get the job done.

5.         Cocoa Butter Prevents Stretch Marks

This one gets a big “zero” on the test of life.  Nope, this one is very untrue.  Not only does it make some women’s skin even more sensitive, but others can have significant allergic reactions to it.  This is especially true when the product is used on areas of skin that are more sensitive, such as the breasts.

6.         You Shouldn't Take Hot Baths While Pregnant

We’re going to now close out the article with something that may sound silly but is actually true.  You should refrain from taking hot baths while pregnant, especially in such tubs as saunas or Jacuzzis.  Sitting in any bath that causes your body temperature to rise to 102 degrees or higher is unsafe for your baby.

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