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Five Years Since the Death of Anna Nicole Smith

The tabloid life of the one Supermodel who never gave a damn about her weight

Five Years Since the Death of Anna Nicole Smith
photo by People Magazine

Once upon a time in a land far away, and in another galaxy (practically) there lived a large beautiful supermodel that did not conform to the norms of the traditional supermodel.  In fact, she broke every rule of the supermodel handbook (Anna did not conform to starvation diets, bulimia, sticking a finger down her throat, obsessing about weight and vanity, vanity, vanity)

Her name was Anna Nicole Smith, and she died of a drug overdose five years ago.  While she was living the tabloids were brim with her antics, marrying billionaires with one foot in the grave, having children in and out of wedlock. She also posed for playboy and took a lot drugs, in fact there was a story about her falling off stage while stripping because she could barely walk with whatever cocktail of drugs and alcohol were in her system.

She was a very love able person, and seemed to be quite happy.  In 1989 she had her chest surgically enhanced to what were then referred to as “bowling ball” or DD sized implants put into her chest making her one of the most popular strippers in her bar at that time.  She was discovered by Hugh Heffner and made the cover of Playboy magazine in 1992. 

She was 5’11 inches tall, 155 lbs in weight, and had a 36DD chest that helped her achieve more success than any of her other assets so it is said.  She even modeled for Guess after Playboy in 1993. She married billionaire J. Howard Marshall in 1994; he died of Pneumonia a few months later in 1995.  There is still an ongoing legal battle over the money tied into the estate of J. Howard Marshall; Anna’s only living relative is her daughter that she had with Larry Birkhead in 2006.   Her son Daniel who was born to her in 1986 died of an accidental overdose in September of 2006.

Since the death of Anna, the models seem to only get skinnier and blander.  Anna had a real body and she flaunted it and she photographed better than most of those waifs they have parading down the runway these days.  They seem to be so skinny and extremely unhealthy; at least Anna sent a message out to the world that you certainly didn’t need to starve yourself to be a successful model.

 From People Magazine they called her “A Texas stripper turned Playboy Playmate, model and E! reality star, Anna Nicole Smith lived out a flamboyant rags-to-riches story before her sudden death on Feb. 8, 2007. The buxom blonde became a national curiosity in 1994 when she married 89-year-old oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, who died after 13 months of marriage, and set in motion a long legal battle over his estate.”

Also from People magazine, “Just four years after making $60 a week as a Wal-Mart checkout girl, the single mom sends nude photos of herself to Playboy, and lands a photo shoot with the magazine. Smith appears on the cover dressed in a blue evening gown with a plunging neckline. In June 1993, Hugh Hefner names the former stripper Playmate of the Year, which leads to renewed attention from a few ex-boyfriends. "They never called before," Smith tells PEOPLE. "I have no desire to see them because every single one of them cheated on me and I caught them."

It is a tragic end to a once shining star.  She had a lot of people who were her “friends” only to get close to her stardom and money.  After her death two of her Doctors and her lawyer/boyfriend Howard K. Stern were arrested on felony charges for supplying her drug habit.  She had a lot of enablers in her life that gave in to all her habits and helped put her in a coffin.  Larry Birkhead wasted no time assuming custody of the daughter Dannielynn after Anna’s death. Who knows if it for the money or if he even loves the kid.


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