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Fox Halloween Costumes Flying Off Store Shelves, Thanks to Ylvis

Do you know what the fox says?

Fox Halloween Costumes Flying Off Store Shelves, Thanks to Ylvis
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Despite Ylvis trying to tell us just what it is the fox says in their video for “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”, we’re still not sure.  Is it “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding”?  Or is it “Joff-tchoff—tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff”?  Maybe the fox says all of these things, which clearly makes him the most talkative creature in the animal kingdom.

Either way, the unexpected success of this viral hit (which is even more bizarre than Psy’s “Gangnam Style”) has led to skyrocketing sales of any and all fox costumes for this year’s Halloween events.  Additionally, the YouTube video has already achieved nearly 130 million hits.

Ylvis is actually a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of two brothers who hail from Bergen, Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker.  They made their debut in 2000 as professional variety artists, and they have been rather successful in their artistic undertakings which include, to name a few, music videos, television programs, and comedic concerts.

“The Fox” was first posted to YouTube on September 3, 2013.  It was supposed to be released on iTunes on September 9, but the release was delayed due to allegations of copyright infringement.  It finally made its iTunes debut on September 16, and it shot up to number 9 on iTunes’ Top 10 the following week.  It went even higher on the Billboard charts, soaring to number 6 on their Top 100.

The song ended up becoming a hit by accident, and people have been trying to decide if it’s so bad that it’s just circled around to becoming good again, or if it’s more of a car wreck type of situation from which they just can’t look away.  Ylvis has already performed the song on such programs as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Today show.

Thankfully, Ylvis hasn’t let the fame go to their heads.  As a matter of fact, they refuse to even refer to themselves as songwriters.  And what makes the song even more hysterical, aside from its song lyrics of course, is the fact that it is acted out with such seriousness.  The brothers perform the lyrics like members of an emo band, and you could easily see this being the backdrop for a pseudo-heartfelt pop tune.  Then, they smack you in the face with a fish – or, in this case, a fox.

Spirit Halloween, Buycostumes, and are three of the biggest Halloween costume retailers in the country.  Gossip giant TMZ spoke to each of these companies and confirmed that they’re seeing fox costumes fly off of their shelves and that they are simply annihilating previous years’ sales of the costumes.  And Halloween is still two weeks away!

If you too want to join in on all of this fox costume-wearing brouhaha, there’s still time to get your own sets of pointy ears and bushy tails, as retailers are bulking up their supply in order to meet the increased demand.

One thing’s for sure, whatever the fox actually says, we can be sure that somewhere within his lexicon lies the phrase “Cash-cash-cash-cash-cashacashacash.”

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