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Free Retro Games to Play Online

Those awesome folks over at Mental Floss know how to hook us up.
Free Retro Games to Play Online
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What’s one phrase you can say to any gamer geek to make them gleeful?  No, not “Kingdom Hearts 3 release date announced!”, but “Free online games!”  This latest batch of (legal) free games is sure to pull up deeply buried memories from your childhood.

Remember the games that either your teacher had or your parents picked up that incorporated learning, so they weren’t “as bad for you” as your other games were?  Well, those awesome dudes over at (we love you, John Green!) have compiled a list of seriously retro games that are free to play so that you can either relive your childhood or introduce elements of it to your own kids.

Note that there is no sound on any of these games at the moment, which kind of sucks, but they’re still fun to play nonetheless.  And hey, it’s much easier to play them at work without worrying about sound, right?  Of the list of 11 games, here are the most memorable.

Number Munchers


Word Munchers

These games were the best thing since sliced bread in the ‘80s/‘90s.  In both games, you are a monster who has to gobble up, or “munch,” the appropriate words or numbers, depending on the game, but you’d best get eating quickly before the “Troggle” monsters get you.

In Word Munchers, you have to eat the words according to the instruction given at the top of the board, so if it says “‘i’ like in ‘kite’,” you have to eat all of the words that have a long “i” sound.

In Number Munchers, you have to eat numbers in the same fashion, (i.e. whatever the instructions tell you to do.)  While Word Munchers felt more like stretching out your mental muscles by using the skills you already have, Number Munchers was more challenging and made you believe you were improving upon your math comprehension.


Sure, multiple versions of Pac-Man exist within the gaming community, but this one lets you play the arcade-like one (read: crappier graphics).  Though, if you’re looking for the original Pac-Man from Atari, (which is, in my opinion, the best Pac-Man game ever made), keep looking, because this is not it.


Yeay, Pitfall!  Everyone loves Pitfall, though unless you prefer playing it on a PC, it’s easy enough to get a copy to play on your consoles, so this wasn't a major find.  Case in point: a few years back this (awesome) Activision Anthology was released for PS2 that featured a host of awesome old-school Atari games (Megamania, anyone?).  Though, if you'd rather play it on a PC, you can either play it here without the sound or pick up a cheap copy of the PC version of the Activision Anthology.

Yars’ Revenge

What or who was a Yar anyway?  Whoever he/she/it is, it apparently needs to exact revenge.  This was one of those Atari shooting games that was everyone’s favorite, until you went to play it again and couldn’t figure out what it was exactly that you missed about it.  Maybe it was the shiny, multi-colored barrier.  All I know is that I certainly don’t remember ever feeling a sense of satisfaction for beating the game.

The Print Shop

Mental Floss included this software in their list, stating that it wasn’t a game per se, but that it was memorable enough to qualify for inclusion.  I didn’t remember it at all until I tried it out, and then I felt like I had slipped through a portal and into 1992.  Remember making greeting cards, banners, and other things with those crappy graphics?  You will, once you load this baby.  You can’t print your creations, but it’s certainly fun to tool around nonetheless.  (Remember when we thought these clip art files were edgy?)

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