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From Magic Mike To Scary Skinny, Matthew McConaughey Takes On Aids In New Film

Matthew McConaughey goes through frightening transformation

From Magic Mike To Scary Skinny, Matthew McConaughey Takes On Aids In New Film
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Magic Mike brought the sexy to the screen and gave women the revenge they have been wanting ever since, “Showgirls,” hit theaters all those years ago. It was our turn to have a movie that oozed sex but focused on the sex appeal of the male figure as opposed to the females and boy did they pick the right cast for the film. Each actor seemed sexier than the next and female audiences all wished they had applied for the chance to be an extra in that film. A movie about sexy male strippers, that included Channing Tatum’s smooth moves, what woman would want to take part in that? Among the sexy cast was a veteran in the, “who’s hot,” category, Matthew McConaughey, who in a final scene strip tease, showed female audiences the sexiness he was hiding underneath all those clothes. His body was perfection, lines and muscles in all the right places. It was as if he’d never been more fit in his entire life so it came as a major shock when pictures surfaced of McConaughey as he prepared for his next role.

In his latest film, Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey plays the role of Ron Woodroof, who contracted HIV and was given only a month to live. The film recounts the 1985 true life story and McConaughey looked so sickly for this role it was as if he had the disease himself. In order to make an attempt to save or prolong his life, Woodroof traveled to Mexico to purchase drugs that had not yet been approved by the FDA. After he takes the drugs his health is maintained and he begins to realize the worth of the black-market. With help from a transsexual, portrayed by Jared Leto, he was able to get his business running within the gay community, a community he once avoided, In order to get ready for the role the once incredibly fit and sexy actor lost over 47 pounds to ensure he looked the part. Woodroof was a larger than life jerk that was homophobic, and now McConaughey is being given major praise for his portrayal of the HIV infected patient. His physical appearance isn’t what drove the praise from critics; it was his concentration and dedication to the role that brought to light his extreme talent. It has long been McConaughey’s forte to give women something to look forward to while watching his films, he was easy on the eyes, and this latest release of his would be on the far other side of the spectrum. His co-stars worried about him because of the amount of weight he took off for the role, he was far too under weight. His many times co-star; Jennifer Garner spoke openly about how she hated what McConaughey was doing to his body. However, she knew her co-star would be smart about his transformation and lose the weight over a period of time rather than all at once, like Leto did. The film was shot over a 25-day period so errors were unacceptable and despite the madness to this plan it worked exceptionally well. With all the weight the actor lost he never felt sluggish or tired, in fact he has been noted as feeling exceptionally energized throughout the filming process.


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